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Aging With Monica

Aging doesn’t have to suck. And by that, I don’t mean because you can buy a million and one anti-aging products or get a million procedures done to make yourself look thirty-five for the rest of your life. Everyone ages. There was a time when I was fifteen, twenty-five, thirty-five, forty-five and provided I don’t die before those ages, I will one day be fifty-five, sixty-five, seven-five–maybe even eighty-five and ninety-five. And who knows, I might live to be 105. So to me, it seems to make more sense to learn how to adjust the mind towards accepting the changes that will occur rather than to obsess over trying to stay looking young forever. Yes, I will aim to take the very best care of myself with each day, but ultimately, “Aging with Monica” is not about beauty. It’s about learning and growing, accepting and striving to face the many challenges that lie ahead with a modicum of dignity and grace.