JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow review night 4


I tried to give the JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow a fourth night of trial. It did not work out. Here’s my JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow review for night four.

Let me begin my night four JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow review by saying that my experience with the JuveRest pillow should not be regarded as anything other than what it is. My own personal experience, my own opinions based on having purchased and used the JuveRest pillow for the short period of 4 days. I bought the pillow because I was sold by the ad copy. I looked at a number of different beauty pillows/sleep wrinkle pillows starting last year, and I decided the JuveRest pillow was the one I wanted to buy. The price was high and so I kept putting off buying it because, I really cannot afford to spend $160 on a pillow. But I did want to try this pillow. I even contacted the company to try to get one sent to me for the purpose of trying and reviewing. That didn’t work out. Cut to March 3 2018. I finally decided to go ahead and buy the pillow because I wasn’t having any luck with trying to train myself to sleep on my back. I figured the pillow would help me to accomplish my back sleeping goals.

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I have already sent a message to the JuveRest people requesting authorization to return the JuveRest Pillow. I did that yesterday morning after I woke up knowing I had no need to further test drive the pillow. I did not use the pillow last night. This post is about night 4 which was night before last.

So why have I decided to go ahead and return the JuveRest pillow?

It’s really simple. The pillow hurts more than it helps. On night 4 I eventually pushed it aside and just went back to the way I was sleeping before I bought it. It just isn’t worth it to try this pillow beyond the 4 nights I gave it. I had wanted to at least try it for 30 nights before making a final decision, and write a review for each 30 night of the trial, but I’m finished. I don’t have a 5th night to give the JuveRest pillow. Night four was it for me.

As I have said in my night one, two and three JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow review, the primary issue I have with the JuveRest pillow is that it is not worth $160. I firmly believe that the product has nothing to offer that warrants a $160 price tag. I believe this is a case of packing something to look like it’s a high quality product and writing it up and hyping it up to convince the consumer that it will change their life, knowing fully well that it’s nothing such as it is being claimed to be. But again, that is my opinion. I am sure you can find more than one case of a JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow review wherein the reviewer has an opinion that is completely opposite of mine. In fact, it was the positive reviews about the JuveRest pillow that I myself came across in my research that convinced me to go ahead and buy the pillow. I had come across negative reviews as well, but I decided to go with the positive reviews because I really thought the pillow would do what it claims on the Juverest.com website. I admit that because they said that it was the brainchild of a doctor, I figured I was purchasing something that was going to be medical grade to some degree. Not sure exactly what degree, but I wasn’t expecting the pillow to basically just be a piece of foam with cutouts. Now you might ask me, “well ding-dong dumbbell, what exactly did you think you were buying? Did you think you were buying some kind of advanced technology controlled pillow device that was going to change your life?” Maybe I should have realized from the picture on the box that I was purchasing a memory foam pillow with cutout features. And then maybe I might have stopped for a moment to ask myself why in the world would I pay $160 for a memory foam pillow with cutout details that had nothing else to it other than the cut-out details and the claims that those details made the pillow “the best investment for long term skin care”.

Update on request for authorization to return pillow (March 13 2018):

So I have just received back a response from JuveRest and I can proceed with returning the pillow, but guess what? I have to pay the return shipping charges and it’s going to cost me nearly $60 from what I can see. That’s a pretty steep amount to pay to return the pillow, and there’s not a guarantee that they will accept the return and issue a refund. So I now have to think about if I really want to spend $60 to return the pillow only to risk not getting a refund.

I am annoyed about this turn of events because I don’t want to lose more money on this pillow. So I might end up being stuck with my JuveRest pillow. SMH…

If I end up keeping the pillow then I’ll probably have to try to get some use out of it because I’m not prepared to throw $160 in the trash. I guess if I end up keeping it I’ll try to buy a silk pillow case for it at least. The ugly contraption with which it came needs to be replaced. If you can believe it, they sell the cover for $36.95

But we’ll see what happens. I really do not want to keep the pillow. I feel like I was scammed to be quite honest. I feel like the  creators and sellers of this pillow must surely be aware that it’s not worth $160, but they are selling it for that amount of money anyway, and claiming it’s the best investment for long term skin care. They have a side by side chart in which they imply that the JuveRest pillow can save you money by giving you the kind of results that will make a $9,500 cosmetic surgery procedure unnecessary, eliminate any need for skin resurfacing procedures which will run you around $2350, botox procedures which will run you $750 per visit and even make your $500 per year spending on serums and creams an unneeded expenditure. They do not say these things of course. They simply show the chart listing the prices of these procedures, then listing the price of the JuveRest pillow. I think it’s fair to say that most readers will conclude they are suggesting the JuveRest pillow can save you from having to spend money on cosmetic procedures and expensive anti aging products. Who wouldn’t want to own a product that effectively reduces or eliminates the signs of aging without need for other treatments and products, and do this for just $160.

By all means, if the JuveRest pillow does what is claimed then $160 is nothing to pay for the benefits it promises. But I can’t see how it can possibly do anything that would justify the claim that it’s the best investment for long term skin care. However, considering how poorly I slept on night 5 with the JuveRest pillow packed away in it’s boxes waiting for me to return it, and how much time I spent with my face unprotected, I’m wondering if maybe I should give it a another chance. What do you think? I have 60 days to return the pillow. Maybe it would be good to try it again and compare to last night to see if it’s more useful than useless at the end of the day? I’m thinking about it. Will let you know.


(Note: This was originally published on bestbeautypillow.com which has now been moved to avenuesixty.com)

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