My super long flowy red dress

Adelamonica Super flowy long red dress 2

This super long flowy red dress was custom made by designer Zoe Arku. I can’t quite remember if it was 2020 or 2021. I needed a somewhat elaborate red dress for a video idea for “My Perfect Life” which is one of the songs on my second album “Everything Is Gonna Be Ok”. So I contacted Zoe. She had made me an outfit in 2018. The blue outfit featured in “The Lady in Blue” post that I wrote back on June 1, 2018. I reached out and asked her to make me something red, long and super flowy. This was the dress she created.

This is not a dress I would actually wear to go out. It was specifically made to be worn for taking promo photos and shooting footage for the video idea. It’s indeed super flowy to the point I’ve tripped over myself a few times. But it’s a fun dress to play in.

I wish these pictures and footage were of higher quality but somehow, in over a year of trying to get good photos and video footage to showcase this dress I’ve just never managed. I think it’s because the dress is too much work to manage by itself for me to also have to be taking the pictures of myself and filming myself. Half the times I’m trapped inside the super long flowy skirt and trying to extricate myself in time to look up and smile for the camera. But its still a lot of fun running around trying to get that flow.

Adelamonica Super flowy long red dress 4
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