Hello there. It’s been a while since I updated this blog. I thought I would try again. How have you been? I’ve been up and down. But guess what? I am now a back sleeper. That’s right. After all my struggles trying to get back sleeping to take, I now sleep on my back for the most part. It’s true, I’ve been sleeping on a couch, and I find that it makes it easier to sleep on my back when I don’t have a lot of room to spare. But these days, when I end up on my side or stomach with my face down in a pillow, I will wake up and turn on my back.

You next question should be, “Is sleeping on your back helping you with fighting aging?”

And my answer to that would be that it’s helping insofar as keeping me from waking up looking like a 100 year old Shar Pei dog. But I still wake up looking like a Shar Pei many mornings. Just maybe one that’s 50 instead of a hundred. Other mornings I wake up looking like one that’s just beginning to age. You can see the dropping but it’s not horribly bad. And sometimes it’s almost not visible.

Next you might be wondering “What beauty pillow are you using these days?”

The answer to that question is “none”. I am not using a pillow at all to sleep. I never did buy the Nurse Jamie beauty pillow. I might still, but I haven’t yet. And while I never sent back the JuveRest Pillow, I don’t use it. I did use it for a while even though in my last set of posts I complained that I was disgusted by what they were charging $160 for what was essentially a piece of foam. And I would say that it did help me in my back sleeping training. But I only used it for a short period. I feel that it is not a particularly sanitary pillow. Even if you are strict about laundering the pillow cover, the foam pillow itself became very dirty. It also acquired a lot of cracks in the foam. So my JuveRest pillow has just been on my bed where I haven’t slept in nearly a year. And I sleep with my head on the flat couch in my living room.

Your next question might be, “So how have you been sleeping in terms of the quality of your sleep?”

Unfortunately, I am still struggling with sleep. I still have trouble staying asleep. And it is affecting not just my looks but my mental and emotional balance. How about you? Have you managed to conquer back sleeping? And is it helping you in your battle against time?

(Note: This was originally published on my website bestbeautypillow.com which has now been moved here to avenuesixty.com)


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