Absolute best anti-aging remedy


This is the absolute best anti-aging remedy!

Okay, you don’t have to believe me. Ultimately, this is my opinion. And I’m not going to beat around the bush and drag you on and on through ten thousand paragraphs before I share with you the absolute best anti-aging remedy.

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This is me at 50 years old. I took this picture a few days ago without any makeup. Yes, I touched it up a little bit to make it presentable for you, But i left all my crows feet and wrinkles and lines untouched. If all you notice are my crows feet and wrinkles and lines and you’re not impressed, boo. What I see, is my adorable inner child. She’s as cute as cute can be, and that is the point of this article.

The absolute best anti-aging remedy is to lighten up and be playful with your self. Seriously, just lighten up and smile and let your inner child guide your spirit. Let your wrinkles crinkle. Activate the beauty inside and let it spread through you like the softness and warmth and pure joy you feel when you see whatever is your idea of the cutest most adorable thing–whatever makes you smile without an inkling towards caring that your wrinkles are showing. Let that fill you up and bring the light from inside you out to shine.

I know this isn’t what you want to hear. You’re looking for something that’s going to reverse time and knock twenty years off. Some cream in a jar that you’ll willingly pay $1000 bucks to acquire if you can be guaranteed it’s going to work. It’s never going to work.

So hear me out…

The absolute best anti-aging remedy is acceptance and self love and self-friendship and self-compassion

I’ve spent a lot of money on anti aging products in the past. But for the past couple of years I’ve been conscious about not participating in helping billionaires get even richer at my expense. I’m committed to trying to live my best life, and in the process of doing that, taking care of myself from the inside out and the outside in is important. But I am not on a mission to “look young”. I’m on a mission to feel vibrant and healthy and happy. And I think, whatever your age, when you feel vibrant and healthy and happy, it shows on the outside.

What I’ve discovered so far on this journey is that how I look is very much tied to how I feel and vice versa. And it all comes down to the choice that I make inside my head in terms of how I use or abuse my brain power.

I personally think age is a mentality. It has nothing to do with how a person looks on the outside. So many of us become depressed because of how we look on the outside, as if who we are has anything to do with how we look. A happy spirit goes a long long way to softening your appearance and enabling light to shine all around you regardless of so-called wrinkles and crows feet and all the other things we allow to make us feel less worthy to be alive. Life is life. Don’t let your skin define you. Don’t let your age define you. Laugh and smile and be grateful for every day. Nothing is more beautiful, and yes, that is the absolute best anti-aging remedy.


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