Not everybody has perfect skin

Many of us spend a lifetime obsessing about marks and blemishes on our face. But for some people skin imperfections aren’t just a problem on their face. Some people have marks and blemishes over their whole body. Some women don’t wear clothes that show their legs because they have scars, varicose veins and other imperfections they feel too embarrassed to allow other people to see. If you have marks on your skin you might have wondered if there are ways you can cover up the marks on your skin so you can wear clothes that show your legs in the summertime. Specifically you might have wondered about putting foundation on your legs. Or you might even have tried putting foundation on your legs. Maybe during English class in tenth grade while the other girls looked on as if observing an alien from outer space doing something super weird?

Side view of beautiful young woman sitting on the chair with her legs crossed at knee and looking at camera

Putting foundation on your legs is not that weird

If you did apply foundation to the blemishes on your legs during English class in tenth grade you weren’t doing anything all that weird necessarily. People put make-up on their legs to cover their imperfections. Maybe the girls were staring at you not because of what you were doing but where you were doing it? In the middle of English class probably isn’t an appropriate place for you to be putting foundation on your legs. But if you want to cover-up your blemishes at home by all means you can try foundation. But you might want to shop for a foundation specifically designed to be applied to the body rather than the face.

5 Steps to Applying Leg Makeup

Most people know that concealers and foundation can work miracles to cover up blemishes and dark spots on your face. But, did you ever consider using makeup elsewhere on your body — like your legs? More than 20 percent of Americans have varicose veins, and many more let scars, freckles and other insecurities dictate their wardrobes to hide unsightly flaws on the skin.

But there is an option that’s better than wearing long pants every month of the year: body makeup. It’s a thicker version of traditional foundation that you use on your face. In fact, it’s made to be applied everywhere except your face — arms, stomach, back and of course legsFisher, Danielle. “5 Steps to Applying Leg Makeup” 15 May 2012. 02 January 2015.

If you’re a fashion or beauty blogger taking pictures of yourself to post on the Internet, don’t be afraid to use body make-up to improve the appearance of your skin. The pros do it and you shouldn’t be concerned about people accusing you of putting foundation on your legs to hide what you really look like. Every person’s true skin is unblemished. We’re not born with the imperfections our skin develops. The imperfections are not your truth and if you want to cover them up so you can look closer to your truth then do it without apology.



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