JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow review night 3

juverest sleep wrinkle pillow review

Hello sleeping beauties. I hope you all slept well last night. I did not! And I will tell you why in this night three JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow review.

I am going to be returning the JuveRest Pillow. I said in the night one JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow review and also in the night two review that I would try the pillow for 30 nights and write a review for each night. But I really do not think that is going to be necessary.  I think I already know all that I need to know about the JuveRest pillow. There’s nothing it’s going to do differently from what it has done for the three nights that I’ve used it. On night one and night two it helped me sleep mostly on my back, which, considering that’s why I bought it, is a good thing. But night three was a little bit harder. The general discomfort that I talked about in the night one review and the night two review was harder to ignore last night. It’s true that the design of the JuveRest Pillow forces me to use the back sleeping position, but the amount of tossing and turning that I do makes the whole thing pointless. Last night’s sleep was a complete mess. I kept tossing and turning trying to achieve optimal enough comfort for sleep. It never happened. The pillow was just not working for me last night, and I don’t think it’s only because I didn’t have it propped on top of my usual pillow. On night one and night two I propped the JuveRest pillow on top of my regular memory foam pillow, which by the way did not cost $160. Last night I slept with the JuveRest pillow flat on the bed instead of propped up on my regular pillow. I imagine that this choice added to the discomforts that caused the tossing and turning all night. But I tossed and turned on night one and night two as well. Night two was worse than night one and night three was worse than night two. And throughout the night last night I literally kept thinking each time I woke up, “You need to pack up and ship back this pillow as soon as you wake up in the morning.”

juverest-sleep-wrinkle-pillow-review-7I’m not going to call the JuveRest pillow a joke because I actually believe there is something to the design. The price is a joke given how the pillow looks.

But the design has promise. I’m just not sure that right now it’s built the way it needs to be built to be truly effective. Because even if it does kind of facilitate with back sleeping, it is uncomfortable in so many ways that any benefit of sleeping on your back is negated by all the tossing and turning that you end up doing. And did I mention the smell? Yes. I did mention the smell in the night one JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow review and again in the night two review. Because the smell is an issue. I had read about the smell in other reviews I found online before i made my purchase; but I figured it couldn’t be the case that the pillow by default has a bad smell. I figured it had to be a case by case basis. And maybe it is indeed a case by case basis. Unfortunately, I was one of those cases where the pillow came with a bad smell that I tried to get rid of using lysol. Big mistake. Now, I will admit that the smell wasn’t as strong last night as on night one and night two but it is still present.

So yeah, I am definitely thinking that I won’t make it to 30 days with my JuveRest pillow because so far it is appears to be making my situation worse. But I did decide not to send it back today like I was thinking about doing during the night. Because I want to put it back on top of my regular pillow and try a few different positioning strategies with other pillows to see if tonight might be a little better. Yes, I’m giving the JuveRest pillow a fourth night of trial. Why? Who knows at this point.

I asked two people to guess the price of the pillow based on the above picture. One said $15 at the most. The other said “free”. Admittedly the pillow doesn’t look quite as shoddy without the pillow case, so I guess they might have given higher quotes for the pillow without the pillow case, but $160? Absolutely no way would they have said anything close.

juverest-sleep-wrinkle-pillow-review-8I would suggest to the JuveRest people that they set the price of the pillow to something like $29.99 and then maybe people might be inclined to approach it with a more open mind. When you spend $160 on a pillow that is claimed to be “the best investment for long term skin care”, you expect way more than what the JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow delivers. At least, let me speak for myself. When “I” spend $160 on a pillow that is claimed to be “the best investment for long term skin care”, “I” expect way more than what the JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow has delivered.

In conclusion of my night 3 JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow review…

Night three with the JuveRest pillow was rough. I did not sleep well because the pillow was extremely uncomfortable, probably because I had it flat on the bed whereas on nights one and two I had it propped up on my regular memory foam pillow. I tossed and turned all night and kept taking my head off the pillow, putting it back only because I had to keep reminding myself about my appearance and the fact that I have to take pictures this week to try to get better photos for the cover of a single I am releasing in just a few more days. I wanted to pack up the pillow and send it back today, but I’ve decided to try it again tonight, and if the experience is the same as last night, then I will return it and just try another beauty pillow. I’ve been meaning to try the Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear pillow which is almost $100 cheaper than the JuveRest pillow. So maybe I’ll just go ahead and try that one next. Although, I don’t think the Nurse Jamie pillow is specialized for back sleeping and that’s what I really need. I need a pillow that will help me train myself to sleep (comfortably) on my back.

Hope you’re having better luck with your JuveRest pillow if you are the owner of a JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow. If you are thinking about buying one, I suggest you try to find as many honest JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow reviews as you can. $160 is a lot to spend on a pillow that’s going to turn out to not really have any benefit over any other ordinary memory foam pillow that, if you were so inclined, you can probably cut out your self.

Note: This was originally published on bestbeautypillow.com. Bestbeautypillow.com has moved to avenuesixty.com

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