About Avenue Sixty (A60)

Avenue Sixty (formerly) myfashionwants.com is a lifestyle destination. We’re not aimed at any particular demographic. We’ve got a bit of everything because we’re about the life and times of real people who are trying to make the most of their lives and trying to live in the most authentic way they can. We’re committed to promoting love and peace, harmony and joy, humanity and courtesy and basic consideration–truth and keeping it really real–respecting and celebrating differences and working with like-minded people to help create a world wherein everyone feels like they are worthy and deserving to enjoy the bounties of the earth we all inhabit.

Avenue Sixty is a location. It is a destination. To arrive there is to know that you have overcome the obstacles that stand between you and the pinnacle of your personal success. We are still on the journey and invite you to come along.

Who’s behind it?

The founder, creative director and editor in chief is Adela Lewis aka singer-songwriter Adelamonica.

Guest Contributors

  • Brigitte Evans
  • Helen Bradford
  • StellaRyne
  • Alycia Gordon
  • Constante
  • Tess DiNapoli

Inactive Contributors

  • Andrea Szemkovics
  • Diana Farca
  • Sherée Wright
  • Annelies Veldman
  • Charlene L
  • Tikila Lynch


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