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Founded in 2012 as My Fashion Wants, Avenue Sixty started as a fashion blog with aspirations of becoming a top internet destination for fashion. However, the founder’s goals shifted, leading to the transformation of avenuesixty.com into a personal diary, journal, newsletter, and magazine. Through the platform, the founder, Adela Lewis, shares her modeling fantasies, creative pursuits, and passion for writing, personal growth, health, wellness, and enlightenment. The site also welcomes contributions from other writers, leading to a diverse range of lifestyle topics and interests featured on avenuesixty.com.


Adela Lewis has been writing since she was 11 years old and has pursued writing as a career path since her teenage years. While she has been blogging since the early 2000s, she does not consider herself a professional writer or journalist. Thus, her blog posts and articles are not professionally researched or written. Any content that appears to offer advice on any topic is based on personal opinions and individual interpretations of non-original information. Unless expressly stated, articles should be regarded as having been written by a writer without any qualified knowledge of the subject matter.

Who's behind it?

Avenue Sixty Writing Staff
Hello, I'm Adela Lewis aka singer songwriter Adelamonica. I am the founder of avenuesixty.com. Aside from singing and songwriting, I enjoy writing in general, modeling, dancing and doing things that bring some little joy to my experience of living. I am also an active freelance web developer, graphics designer and (once prolific but now on hiatus) web applications developer.


The content on Avenuesixty comprises of articles written by both contributing and guest writers. It's important to note that the views expressed in these submissions do not necessarily align with the views of avenuesixty.com or its founder. Contributing and guest writers are solely responsible for the content they submit, including any accompanying media such as images or videos. In case of any inquiries regarding copyright infringement in relation to content created by contributing or guest writers, please contact them directly.

Guest Contributors

  • Brigitte Evans
  • Helen Bradford
  • StellaRyne
  • Alycia Gordon
  • Constante
  • Tess DiNapoli
  • Felicia Priedel

Inactive In House Contributors

  • Andrea Szemkovics
  • Diana Farca
  • Sherée Wright
  • Annelies Veldman
  • Charlene L
  • Tikila Lynch


Avenuesixty.com has affiliations with several online retailers, including vendors of luxury designer brands, as well as sellers of fashionable but reasonably priced apparel and merchandise. As an affiliate, avenuesixty.com showcases products from these retailers in its blog posts and provides a hyperlink from its website to the merchandise on the retailer’s website. If someone clicks on the link on avenuesixty.com and buys an item from the retailer, and does not subsequently return it, avenuesixty.com receives a small commission. We want to emphasize that this fact should not discourage you from clicking on our affiliate links. Your support is essential for our survival, and we appreciate your understanding and backing. Thank you.

Other Information

Adela Lewis writes the articles published under the handle “Monica” for “The Monica Archives”, and the character handles of Mrs Bodenheimer, Maxine Hightower, Salima and Zenica.

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