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Wearing latex in hot weather do or don’t?


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You’re probably not wondering if you can wear your holographic latex jumpsuit in hot weather. But just in case…

Hey there! It’s been a minute since I’ve done a post. I’ve been here. Just haven’t been feeling myself for a bit, but I’m starting to wake up from my more than 2-month stretch of not feeling into it. Things happen folks. That’s the truth of life. But if you allow yourself, you can be made stronger by all your challenges.

Before I keep going on and on about me, let’s address the question I ask in the title of this post.

Wear latex in hot weather do or don't

Adelamonica Sabrina Fashion Nova black holographic latex jumpsuit

Since I don’t really have a habit for wearing latex (just beginning), I can’t speak with any authority on that subject. What I would say is that you’re going to sweat a good bit most likely. And no one likes to feel hot and sweaty in their clothes. According to ChatGPT:

One of the primary drawbacks of wearing latex in hot weather is its lack of breathability. Latex is an occlusive material, meaning it does not allow air to pass through. This can lead to increased sweating and discomfort in hot temperatures, as your body is unable to regulate its temperature effectively

I shot footage for my most recent YouTube video wearing the Sabrina holographic latex jumpsuit from Fashion Nova. I shot the footage over a number of days. One one of the days it was quite hot and I eventually began to sweat in the jumpsuit. Although it wasn’t anything so extreme, it wasn’t a very comfortable feeling, and I recognized right away that wearing latex in hot weather wasn’t ideal.

One of the other indicated cons of wearing latex in hot weather was that the hot weather could make the latex clothing item difficult to put on and take off. I’d have to say based on my limited experience, it was a bit of an ordeal taking off the latex jumpsuit, and it was more annoying on the hot day as it stuck to me more.

So for me, I’d say wearing latex in hot weather might not be all that wise. But I’m sure true latex wearers know tips and tricks for comfortably wearing latex in hot weather. And you can find such tips and tricks by googling “Can you wear latex in the summer”. One of the articles I came across in my own research was titled “Practical Tips: Wearing Latex in Summer”. It was written back in 2019. Some of the tips recommended include staying hydrated and talcing up your latex. For all the tips from that article you can visit Latex 24/7

Who even wears latex clothing out in public?

You’ve read the article Stereotyping women who wear leather and latex. You’ve seen me in some leather and latex outfits so you know I’ve worn  leather and latex at least a few times in my life. I always make sure to explain I don’t go out in public wearing the things I wear in my videos, but I might start doing that yet. Why not? It would be a public service. People like to talk and need things to talk about. And truth be told, I think I’m daring by nature. I’ve just learned to suppress my true nature so well that I’ve lived a lifetime of being unable to freely exist in my truth.

But I think it’s important to know yourself and to live in honor and acceptance of your truth. And so, I’m trying to find my way back to me. It’s a journey of self discovery.

I can’t pretend that I’m “into” latex or leather. Although I’ll be honest, I’m discovering that I love wearing both leather and latex. But I don’t have the background and experience to speak with authority on the subject. I’ll say I purchased two latex jumpsuits from Fashion Nova recently. I purchased the Sydney Holographic Latex Jumpsuit – Black for a YouTube video idea. But I decided I needed to do the video with a jumpsuit that has sleeves so I went back to search for something similar to the Sydney jumpsuit, but with sleeves. Luckily I found one in Sabrina. Here are some pictures of me wearing the Sydney jumpsuit. They are screenshots from the video I was going to post originally. I might still post it. We’ll see.

Adelamonica wearing Sydney Holographic black latex jumpsuit fashion nova6838Adelamonica wearing Sydney Holographic black latex jumpsuit fashion nova6839Adelamonica wearing Sydney Holographic black latex jumpsuit fashion nova6840

Like I said, I didn’t love the look without sleeves. So I bought the Sabrina long sleeve holographic black latex jumpsuit  to do the video.

Going back to the Fashion Nova Holographic latex jumpsuits Sydney and Sabrina, both jumpsuits have their pros and cons. I think having the zipper in front like the Sabrina does is good, but it creates a situation where there’s airy space in the back that doesn’t look good. So I had to add a belt, and yeah, I know–I’ve got the belt squeezed so tight that stuff’s spilling over. I like to cinch my waist and I’ve got a little more weight on than usual at the moment. Depression can result in weight gain and I’ve gained some over the last couple of years going through some tough times, so it required more effort to close the belt in the hole I made for myself when I was a little smaller. Not that this is important. It’s BS and pathetic that anyone should have to feel the need to explain and make excuses for their imperfect body. I guess the way you handle that is, just don’t explain and make excuses. Just let people think and say whatever they want and don’t feel like you need to defend yourself. But let’s be honest with ourselves and with each other. That is not always so easy to do.

So, that’s it for now. If, like me, you’re struggling in life, remember that it’s okay to not have the energy or inspiration to put on a show of positivity for the world. Get back up on your feet when you’re ready. I’m starting to feel ready and even a little bit excited to continue the journey. And I have a lot planned. Yeah, I know, I’ve had a lot planned for years and the plans have never grown beyond the planning stage, but everyday is a new day and a new opportunity as they say. So let’s get this party started! She exclaimed and then proceeded to fall back into her pit of depression. Nah, not right this minute any way. It’s possible in the next minute. But for now, I’m feeling ready to get back up on the horse.

Singer songwriter Adelamonica AKA Avenue Sixty editor in chief. Writing as Monica for The Monica Archives. Writing has always been one of my passions. In fact, when I was a teenager, I used to tell people they should remember my name, because I was going to become a famous author. I used to live to write and write to live--not in the sense of writing for income but writing to combat depression and to feel a sense of purpose. I've written novels, poems, articles and essays that I tried unsuccessfully to get published over many years starting in my teens. When I discovered blogging several ages ago, I turned to that avenue as a means of doing what I love without having to worry about publishers and their rejection letters. Modeling is also something I have always enjoyed and something I wanted very badly to do as a teenager. So badly that I used to lie and tell people I was a model. I would carry around a large portfolio style photo album and claim it was my modeling portfolio. But, as with my writing, the people with the power to make my modeling dreams come true saw nothing in me that made them stop me in the streets of New York to offer me a modeling contract with their agency. So when I discovered the ability to photograph my own self (before cell phones and selfies) I took up a hobby of pretend modeling at home and that hobby has remained with me throughout my life as a form of self expression and self therapy. I ask that you kindly excuse my lack of worldliness and any instances where I demonstrate lack of tact or lack of knowledge and even lack of basic intelligence in my writing and posing. I'm just here trying to have a little fun doing the things that make me happy. I'm just an average human for whom writing and posing and singing and dancing and the other things I do are ways I express myself and keep myself going on this ever challenging journey of life. I hope you will find something even remotely useful or interesting in the things I share.


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