The Juverest sleep wrinkle pillow trial is on…


I just bought a Juverest sleep wrinkle pillow.

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I have been trying to get the JuveRest folks to send me one of their sleep wrinkle pillows to try out for review purposes, or even to give me a discount on purchase, but they have been totally ignoring the hell out of me. So I’ve gone ahead and made the investment even though I didn’t really have the money. So as of the this moment the Juverest sleep wrinkle pillow trial is on. And I will do a Juverest sleep wrinkle review after I have tried out the pillow for a few weeks.

juverest sleep wrinkle pillow purchase receipt
juverest sleep wrinkle pillow purchase receipt

Why did I finally decide to buy a Juverest sleep wrinkle pillow?

If you’re read any of the posts I’ve written on this blog, you know that I have been suffering with insomnia for more than a decade and it has taken a toll on my appearance. I am a singer-songwriter and will soon be releasing my first album. I have already released a single from the album and I am about to release a second single. So I put myself out there in front of the public quite a bit while promoting my singles and promoting my upcoming album and promoting myself as a singer songwriter. It means I can’t afford to not take care of myself because, while I might have my opinions about the world’s image obsessions, my opinions aren’t shared by most people. And no one will bother to give me the time of day if I’m coming at them with a face that makes them want to run screaming.

My face has been aging pretty rapidly over the last year or so, not just due to the decades long insomnia from which I suffer, but due to stress in my life and due to the fact that I have passed the halfway point of my established life span. I have been trying to slow down the pace at which I am aging, and I did notice when I first started this blog and began to make a concerted effort to sleep on my back at night, that I looked better during the day. My skin looked healthier. I looked more rested. And that is the reason I have finally decided to buy a Juverest sleep wrinkle pillow. Because I still haven’t gotten the back sleeping thing to take. I’ve resumed trying lately, and I want to say that it’s a little easier than when I was trying last year. I could be wrong, but I think it’s gotten a little easier. Even so, I haven’t conquered it. And easier doesn’t mean easy. It’s still a struggle to stay sleeping on my back. Meanwhile, I’ve been looking worse and worse lately, getting fewer and fewer hours of sleep.

So I have made the decision to try a little bit harder at conquering my sleep problems. Because I don’t want to have extra stuff to deal with on top of what is happening naturally. I think I am aging much faster than most people my age. I am aging the way someone my age who smokes and drinks and has an otherwise hard life ages. And I do not smoke or drink (except for the occasional glass of wine, rum punch or cream liqueur during the holidays). Yes, I battle with depression and anxiety; but I don’t think that alone should have me looking as bad as I can sometimes look. So I am going to try to up the ante on this fight to not look decades older than I am, starting with the purchase of this Juverest sleep wrinkle pillow which I am hoping will help me conquer back sleeping.

Will the Juverest sleep wrinkle pillow live up to its promises?

I am really hoping it won’t turn out that I wasted $170 buying this pillow. I read some reviews on Amazon where customers were calling it a piece of molded foam and saying that it’s hard and uncomfortable, smells bad, and “doesn’t make sense once your head is on it“. I’ll be very annoyed if it turns out to be money thrown down the drain, leaving me still trying to figure out how to sleep soundly through the night for eight hours while lying on my back. The pillow had better not have a smell either, because I am sensitive to scent and I won’t be able to use it if it’s going to give me headaches and sinus issues on account of the way it smells. But I will find out soon enough about all this. How soon is anybody’s guess. The last update I received is that it has been shipped, so hopefully it will arrive this week and I will be able to try it out and let you know the verdict.

Are any of you aging faster on one side of your face than the other?

I think I am aging faster on one side of my face than the other, which is another reason I think I really need to absolutely start sleeping on my back. I need all the help I can get protecting my face from extra damage. Natural wear and tear is one thing, extra stuff on top of that is just not okay with me.

So I am looking forward to getting the JuveRest Pillow. Not necessarily bouncing off the walls because it’s just a pillow. In the meantime while I wait I will try to do better up-keeping this blog. I hope to resume writing the sleep journal starting tomorrow (don’t hold me to it). And hopefully my sharing can be of some use to those of you who are fighting the same battle. I know we are living in a world of oversharing and imposing ourselves on people who never asked us what we thought about anything.  I’ve been blogging for years. My blogs have come and go. I love writing and always wanted to be a writer. Blogging helps me to live my dream and do what I love even if it doesn’t pay. And sometime one or two people are helped by something that helps me, so that makes it worthwhile.

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