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How to Make Bold Fashion Choices

This year has brought so many surprises into the fashion world, and may we just say that the best is yet to come. Celebs and us commoners couldn’t help but embrace the latest trends. This includes some of the unusual footwear choices like the ugly dad sneakers, every mom’s at Disney must-have (read: fanny packs), Matrix-inspired skinny shades, and many other fashion staples. It’s more than obvious that the 80’s and the 90’s are constantly competing with each other, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see which of their iconic trends will be more wearable through the seasons, and here’s how you can proudly wear them.

Don’t let the weather dictate your fashion choices

If you’ve always wanted to match your favorite crop top with the velvet leggings and heels, then who or what’s stopping you? I mean, look at Kim Kardashian. If she isn’t the ultimate comfy chic style inspo, I don’t know who is. If you fear what other people think, then you will never be able to pull off your dream look as planned. Most of the time, people don’t care what you wear, and that should be enough for you to step out of your comfort zone and make a bold statement. Also, if you feel like wearing a sweatshirt with biker shorts in the middle of summer, just do it. And remember, inappropriate behaviour is way worse than seasonally inappropriate trends.

Merging the incompatible is no longer strange

casualToday’s fashion is all about mixing and matching different patterns, fabrics and styles. In the past, you would be labeled as an old-fashioned freak if you were to wear an elegant dress combined with a pair of sneakers. But these days, that’s exactly the point. The rules don’t apply anymore and we can’t hide the excitement. This trend is a lifesaver for those who like to wear a fancy dress without murdering their feet with dizzy heels. Be brave to style your favorite bodycon dress with the Adidas shoes and a cross-body bag, as your #oodt. You know you don’t have to be Emily Ratajkowski to pull off that look, right? Trust your vibe and own it.

Make your wardrobe vibrant

vibrantFlorals for the summer? Groundbreaking. There are plenty of other ways to spice up your summer closet, and they don’t necessarily have to include flowery sundresses. You can pair contrasting colors or similar shades and still get fire fashion combinations. This trend is called color-blocking, and it makes both shades stand out. Feel free to mix purple and pink, orange and purple, or even mint and navy. You can also color block with makeup as well, with bright pigmented eye shadows and a contrasting lipstick. What’s more, color-blocking phenomenon is huge among swimsuits, and it’s the perfect choice for the girls who like to show off their bronzy tan. Complement your look with some gold plate necklaces and an oversized hat, for the ultimate beach goddess status.

Sparkles and neons ’cause why not?

Recently, the whole cyber world celebrated Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday, and we couldn’t help but notice her sisters’ killer outfits. It was all about the glitz and glam, and fluorescent dresses. These looks are super cool for the club or a fancy party and plus, you could easily nail their style and make your own outfits. The Kardashian-Jenner clan definitely knows how to draw attention, and you should feel free to do some experiments, too!

Splurge on some risky items

cuteIt’s high time you stop playing on the safe side and take risks! Go to the clothes store and take your bestie with you, as she’s always down for some shopping and judging your poor fashion choices. For the extra fun, take some cool pics while you’re still in the changing room, and make a poll for your Instagram followers. Try on several daring combinations, and let them help you decide which outfits suit you best. Go for the pieces you never had guts to wear before, and shut down the haters with your bold new look.

Life’s too short to be drinking bad wine and wearing boring clothes, so think outside the box and inspire others to adopt the same attitude.

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