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Tips for a Natural No-Makeup Look

Even though there is a new eyeshadow, lipstick, highlighter, bronzer or even a new brand launch almost every single week, even the runways dictate that the natural makeup look is in style and that ostentatious makeup is reserved for nights at the club only. The emphasis on skincare and makeup as subtle as can possibly be has never been stronger, and as we have become accustomed – probably under the influence of makeup companies as well as YouTube beauty gurus – to pile on as many products as possible, it seems that we have forgotten what to do in order to create a radiant and healthy look. Well, if that’s the case, despair not, as we have you covered with a step by step guide to achieving the perfect natural look that will dazzle and make you look fresh and effortlessly gorgeous every time.

Time to prep and prime


As makeup should be something fun to play with and express our personality or even a particular mood as opposed to something we hide our precious faces behind, it’s time to forget about the decorative side of our vanity for the moment, and focus on the skincare pile that’s probably on the other side of the table. Taking care of your skin is not something that should be taken lightly – with proper skincare products and routine, you can preserve a youthful look for years to come, not to mention that the little makeup you’ll be using will sit much better on well-cared-for and naturally flawless skin. You can always turn to natural sunscreen that is a great solution for everyday skin care but do not forget to use it all year long. It’s time to open your wallets and invest in the best skincare products for your skin type and possible concerns. The first order of business is a double cleanse – first comes a micellar water cleanse and then a gentle and thorough wash using a product specifically designed for your skin type. Then, in order to get rid of any residual dirt and even out your skin tone, always resort to a toner, which despite common misconceptions is not made only for those with oily skin.

Pamper like a pro



Pampering supreme comes in the form of an active ingredient-packed serum that hydrates, nourishes, fends of signs of aging – it’s the product of the decade and if you’re not using one, you better hop to it. Lock it all down with a deeply nourishing moisturizer – preferably one with a high SPF (safety is always paramount) and you are good when it comes to the daily basis.

One step to not forget



Exfoliation is crucial for achieving that glow as it helps remove dead cells, unclog the pores and reveal glowing and sparkling clean skin. However, exfoliators as well as nourishing or cleansing facial masks should be regarded as guest stars – overzealous exfoliation can severely irritate the skin and strip away cells that aren’t ready for removal yet, and the inflammation can even cause breakouts. Therefore, stick to the general rule of thumb and exfoliate three times a week for optimal results.

If your skin could speak, it would say ‘thank you very much’.

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