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Match your Workout to your Personality Type

If you have the choice to lay and watch the TV or go to the gym, for most of us it is an easy choice. And if you are also closer to the couch potato than gym rat on that scale, you are probably often asking yourself how the gym-savvy ones find the motivation to exercise every day and stick to their routine. The catch is: find something that matches your personality. There are so many different ways you can exercise, so you can find a way to build up muscle and stamina in a way that fits your lifestyle. So, let’s go over some personality types and the workouts to match each one!




If you’re someone who prefers to spend their time alone and not interact too much with other people when you are trying to focus on improving yourself and your body, then what you want to focus on is sports that allow you to put yourself in a bubble and focus on exercise. This is mostly endurance training, something like swimming, cycling, running and similar. This will mostly build up stamina, and if you want to develop your muscles, you should switch between several different sports to develop different parts of your body. You can also get into some 1 on 1 muscle lifting with a coach, so you can learn the basics and not hurt yourself when you want to train alone.

Busy bee

When you live a busy lifestyle, there are two ways you can go with your workouts. On one hand, you can find short, high intensity workouts so that you can fit in between your other daily activities. Something like a quick spin class on your lunch break or a bit of weight lifting in the morning before work can be a quick way to get your exercise in. On the other hand, you might benefit from a long, relaxing jog or yoga class in the evening, as a break from your hectic lifestyle and a time to unwind and relax.

The indecisive one



If you have a tendency to get bored of things fast and change your mind and liking, then finding your perfect routine is like learning how to find your soulmate. You’ll have to try out a lot of different sports and activities before you find something that you can stick with forever. And even if you never find one to settle down with, you should avoid group sports, since moving on after just a few months will be letting the rest of your team down. Joining a group that tries a new sport or activity every month or two could be just the thing for you. Of course, there is always the option of enrolling in a new activity whenever you get bored of something, or have several routines that you switch between.

Team player

If you enjoy being a part of something bigger than yourself, you’ll most certainly want to join an activity where you have to cooperate with other people. But we’re talking more than just a bunch of people working out at the same time next to each other: think about sports in which players have to actively rely on each other, like soccer, basketball or volleyball. If you’re not that young anymore, it could be difficult to find teams that you can join, in which case you should find like-minded people and train with them in your free time, forming your own team in a way. If you practiced a sport when you were younger, you might want to get back into it, or call the people who you trained with before and see if they would like to train with you again.

The competitive one



If you like knowing that you are the best among your peers, that can be all the motivation you will ever need to work as hard as you can and become better at your chosen sport. Choose something where you don’t have to rely on other people for your success and something that you enjoy doing as well as proving your place on the charts. Make sure you have a coach that understands your ambitions and supports you in your dreams. Sports like tennis, dancing, bodybuilding or swimming could be great for you to both get healthier and compete.

Finding the right workout is hard, but you have to always take into consideration that you are an individual and that just because your friends or family enjoy a certain activity, doesn’t mean that you will enjoy it as well.

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