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Innovation and Future Trends in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is one of the biggest industries in the world at the moment, and we also have to say that it’s the one that constantly changes and introduces brand new concepts. If that’s what you’re passionate about, be sure to keep on reading to learn more about the innovation and future trends in the beauty industry. Here are the four hottest of them, so check them out and enjoy!

Virtual ‘try on’ apps are on the rise…

As online shopping has gained momentum recently, more and more beauty brands are increasingly using augmented reality (AR) to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. This basically means that there are various virtual ‘try on’ apps that allow the potential customers to see how a particular product will look on their face, without even buying the actual product. A lot of those apps work by measuring where your lips and eyes are in real time and then tracking those facial feature points so that they know where to put the cosmetics. Apart from that, these apps can walk you through makeup tutorials digitally and color-match shades to your skin, too. Even though these aren’t a real substitute for real makeup products, these can be quite helpful before you make a final decision!

… As well as various innovative cosmetic treatments

Needless to say, cosmetic treatments are on the rise these days, too, and there’s nothing surprising about it when you think about that. The desire to look perfectly filtered, both in photos and in real life, has never been stronger, which means that advancements in technology and research have to be on track with consumer demand. As this is the era of minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, we simply mustn’t skip injectables, lasers, and skin resurfacing which are often perceived as quick lunchtime procedures, often with immediately visible effects and limited downtime. Botox and fillers are at the top of our list, as well as a brand new Cosmelan treatment which delivers a clearer, brighter, and more clarified skin in the blink of an eye. It treats conditions such as melasma, pigmentation, sun spots, and post-acne marks, so make sure to take it into consideration if you want to improve your complexion!

Smart skincare tools? Oh, yeah!

Since we live in an era of constant technological advancements and innovations, the majority of people are spending a lot of time in front of their computers on a daily basis. So, what do you think – would you trust a computer to rate your skin? Well, that’s one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry right now, and the concept is the following: the program takes a photo of your face every time you log in and scan it for wrinkles, fine lines, pores, red spots, and brightness levels. It then rates those factors from ‘poor’ to ‘good’ and sends you personalized tips and product recommendation. Even though the very concept is quite groundbreaking, some experts say that it can be fooled by leftover makeup smudges and bad lighting, so bear that in mind if you ever decide to give it a try!

Personalized makeup as the future of the beauty industry

Speaking of personalized makeup, we can freely say that it’s the future of the beauty industry simply because every woman and men in this world is absolutely unique, which means that a universal shade range often isn’t enough. No matter how many shades there are (100 shades of foundation are undoubtedly at the top of the list), it’s highly likely that there will still be a girl who can’t find a foundation or a lipstick with an appropriate undertone. As putting thousands of shades on shop shelves would be extremely impractical, personalized makeup should step in and fulfill the needs and wishes of ladies who can’t find their true match. For example, Lancôme is a brand that comes up with a personalized foundation – the consultants will first work out your facial skin tone using a handheld digital scanner and run the results through a computer. The computer’s findings are then sent to a machine that mixes a foundation for you, and voila – your perfect shade is all done!

As you can tell, there indeed are a lot of groundbreaking trends that will make a difference in the beauty industry, so keep up with them if you want only the best for yourself. Just make sure to stick to our tips and you won’t make a mistake – that’s a promise!

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