Yes, some looks are more Instagram worthy than others. It is never a good idea to put literally everything on there because no matter how much we try we can’t pull off each and every look flawlessly. But don’t worry if you really want that ideal instagramable look we will help you. Here are a few essential pieces of advice on how to achieve it.

Summer vibe

funThe colors and fabric flow make summer looks ideal for photo capturing. You can play with colorful backgrounds and capture movement. In this case, a skirt and a top offer the best possible combo. You can pair them up with some stunning sandals and you achieve a complete Instagram-ready look. Now the skirt needs to be the right cut, preferably A, because then you can capture the flow of fabric when you move. A look like this one can be accessorized with a stylish wide-brimmed hat and a modern Calvin Klein bag. There you have it, all set for that one memorable Instagram look you’ll want to showcase.

Effortless style

casualIf you want to look like you are simply running errands around the city but are still ready for a photo opp, then a combination of ripped jeans, designer shirt and a pair of Oxford shoes is just the combo you need. This option is great for capturing movement, shows a dash of elegance and you won’t look like you’ve spent hours and hours in front of the mirror trying to get it right. It’s the perfect ‘I just threw this on’ look. You can accessorize it with an army print jacket, or a simple leather bag so that it matches the shoes. Don’t forget a pair of trendy sunglass and an untidy bun, those details are bound to get you the right Instagram-ready look.

The queen of causal

pinkThe idea is that you have just got out of bed and threw a couple of things on to go out and get coffee. Of course, you won’t Instagram the reality of this situation. But you can create a look that depicts it perfectly. A pair of shorts, preferably jean shorts but printed ones will do just fine. A simple T-shirt with memorable writing, tucked in, of course. You can combine this with a pair of flats, all stars or even stylish flip-flops. Finally, the most important accessory, oversized sunglasses because, naturally, you didn’t have time to put the makeup on. A ruffled, pulled back hair will add to the look, and as for the choice of the bag, something small and light just to fit your wallet and your keys.

The ever-ready gym-goer

gymYes, yes, you want to show the world you are living healthy and exercising on the daily basis. Well, if you want it on Instagram, the everyday gym outfit simply won’t do. First, you need a stylish pair of tights, preferably bright colored with a bit of mesh, just to show you know your sportswear styles. A simple sleeveless top will do just fine if you have a colorful sports bra peeking a bit, just to add that additional pop of color. Combine this look with a sweatshirt of your choice, a zippered one will photograph better and don’t forget to invest in a stylish pair of gym sneakers. You can accompany this outfit with a designer gym bag, a colorful water bottle and, yet again, a pair of sunglasses, after all, you are that important. Don’t forget to have your hair in a tail so that you really look gym ready. Taking a photo right on a street, with a brick wall as a backdrop is the perfect way to showcase your outfit.

You are now ready to get these selected looks on the Instagram, just make sure you have the right camera, get the right background and present your best casual pose. The key is looking natural like this is you every day of the week, that is what makes for a good Instagram photo and not the fact that you spent hours creating the look, putting tons of makeup and trying out the right position and angle for that one photo.


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