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Being a Mom and a Business Woman

Being a working mother can be a very difficult task, and committing fully to your work and family can often seem impossible. On top of that, being perceived as not fully present, either as a mother or an employee can be quite exhausting and thankless, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. It is possible to pursue a fulfilling career while taking on an active role as a mother, if you learn how to find the perfect balance between the two aspects of your life. Here are five steps working mothers can take to define and achieve their own success:

Letting go of the guilt

Even in today’s seemingly progressive society, mothers are often judged for “abandoning” their children when they decide to return back to work full-time, yet fathers are still expected to go to work to “provide” for the family. However, some women don’t really have the option of being a stay-at-home mom, while others simply choose to go back to work because they don’t want to give up on the career they’ve worked so hard to build. Whatever the case, the decision to be a working mother should be admired, not judged or shamed. If you are feeling guilty about not spending all of your time with your child, it’s time to let it go and focus on all of the positive things your work life is contributing to your family and your life.

Finding trustworthy childcare providers

Knowing that your child is well taken care for while you are at work is crucial to having some peace of mind when you can’t spend your time with them. While you could always leave your child with a family member or even find a nanny with extensive experience and great references, the best idea would be to entrust the education and the wellbeing of your child to a reputable and reliable institution, such as a learning centre. These centres are slowly becoming the most popular childcare provider option all around the world, as they are dedicated to learning, socialization and the advancement of your child in every way possible.

Setting your priorities straight

Defining the top priorities for yourself, your family and your job is a very important step towards being able to juggle your personal and professional life successfully, and asking important questions about your responsibilities could help you figure out what those priorities are. For example, ask yourself: Which work projects simply need to be perfect, and what are the things that can just be good enough? What things does your family absolutely need to keep functioning properly? What do you personally need for your health, wellbeing and sanity to be able to thrive? Getting clear answers on all of these questions will help you truly understand where your priorities lie.

Learning how to delegate

Once you’ve prioritized your tasks and your duties, the next thing is to decide what you need to do yourself and what someone else can handle. When you distribute your daily tasks to others and trust them to get the work done, you will finally be able to focus on the truly important things. So, hire the best employees and business partners you can find and let them do the job you hired them to do. If you have a partner at home, relying on them could also be of tremendous help. Take some time every evening to talk to them about the important tasks that need to be taken care of the next day, decide which one of you will do what, and then stick to the plan.

Setting clear boundaries

Saying “no” to projects and engagements that unnecessarily take up your time is an essential ability, both at home and in the office, as it will help you remain present and focused on the task at hand, which is especially important during family time. When you are with your family and your children, don’t simply sit there reading e-mails on your phone, but rather show up, be present and mindful with your personal relationships, and be happy that you are there. It may not be easy, but it is one of the most important things you could do to have a fulfilled life and a happy family.

Even though it may not look exactly how you pictured it, it is entirely possible to be a business woman and a mother, as long as you learn how to prioritize, delegate, and take it one day at a time.

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