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4 Ways Your Man Can Choose the Right Suit

Men aren’t exactly encouraged to care much about the way they dress the way ladies are, so it’s no wonder a lot of them are a little hopeless when it comes to picking out good wardrobe. It’s not that they don’t want to look good, it’s just that some of them don’t have the right skills so they tend to rush to their partners to help them get ready for a big event. If your man is in need of a good suit and you’re willing to help him find the one that fits perfectly, here are some tips to help you pick out the garment to make him feel handsome and stylish.

Determine his body type



Is your darling tall? Short? Does he have broad shoulders? Maybe he’s very slim, or maybe he has a sexy dad body—these are all things to bear in mind when picking a suit, as the shape and cut of the garments are really important. Tall, slim men will look great in three-button single-breasted jackets, and short guys can rock a two-button jacket that will elongate their torso and show off their frame in a beautiful way. Rounded guys who wish to appear a little slimmer should opt for a similar cut, but avoid any bold patterns and stick to either solid colors or pinstripes.

When it comes to pants, guys should generally avoid skinny and form-fitting models unless they genuinely want to show off their shape. Even athletically-built, muscular guys might end up looking a little too chunky in trousers with tight pant legs, and it’s only the willowy, slim-figured guys that never have issues with these models. In Korea, they are usually the go-to for young businessmen because they flatter this kind of elven body shape. However, if this doesn’t sound like your darling, he can simply pick a straight-leg because it never goes out of style.

Find a good tailor



The fit is everything. Even the most high-quality of suits can look downright shabby if it doesn’t fit well, so avoid the common pitfall of too-loose or too-tight garments. For a good example of how things should be done, take a look at Australian men—it’s a common trend in this country for a guy to have his personal tailor. A lot of them will find their classy tailored suits in Melbourne, and if your man goes and gets advice from a professional they’ll know exactly what they need. Simply having someone take his measurements and show him what kind of cut works the best means that they’ll be more shopping-savvy in the future.

Pick the right color

The color will depend on his preference and the occasion. If he’s picking out a business suit then neutrals are the best option—navy, brown, black, or grey, with perhaps a khaki suit thrown in during spring and summer. If he doesn’t plan to own more than one or two suits that will be the all-purpose special occasion attires, go for black or grey because these two colors are the easiest to style, and the easiest to pull off. If your guy is looking to become a little more fashionable and really wants to show off his style and his handsomeness, he should consider investing in one slightly bolder option by picking something burgundy—it’s a particularly good choice for olive and dark-skinned men, and it can be paired with camel-colored or grey details for a very dashing effect.




While the suit can stay the same, accessories are the things that give the outfit a whole new vibe. Shoes and ties are the most important part, and if your guy wants to learn more about style, then he has to know how to accessorize properly. It really comes down to color matching, so keep in mind that black suits go well with red, grey, and black ties, but he can also pick something with an interesting pattern to give it a pop of color. Navy goes well with green and red, and grey suits can be matched with brown details for a slightly vintage, yet very dapper look. Your man should make sure that his shoes always match his belt, and if he wants to take it a step further, that his wallet also matches the theme. In general, it’s a good idea to learn about the color wheel and then go from there.

As long as your man is happy and comfortable with the end result, you’ve done well. Together you can find something that shows off his handsomeness and makes him feel confident, so remember these tips and enjoy the shopping experience.

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