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Top 6 Interesting Places to Dine Around the World

Traveling is fun and we get to learn a lot about the traditions and customs of other nations. It brings us unforgettable moments and new friends from different countries. One of the reasons why we like it so much is because we also have an opportunity to taste food that we cannot eat when we are home. Foodies specifically always look forward to checking out amazing restaurants, bars and diners and discovering new and interesting meals. We made a list of 6 interesting places from around the Globe, and if you ever visit these specific areas, don’t miss dining there.

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar


Zanzibar is an island with adorable white sandy beaches, impressive crystal clear warm water and pleasant climate. It is a perfect place to have a romantic dinner with your significant other, and The Rock Restaurant is where you can do so. You can find this spot on the Michanwi Pingwe beach. As the base for the cozy restaurant, they used a huge rock and positioned it in the water. You can walk, swim or get a canoe to reach it. 

Here you can enjoy outstanding seafood, which is said to be always fresh and delicious. People are impressed both by the appearance of the restaurant and the food. In addition to this, you can also take delight in calming sounds of the ocean and the fresh breeze from it. It is quite a unique experience! 

Automata in Sydney, Australia


If you have a chance to spend some time in Sydney, do not skip remarkable Chippendale restaurants, one of them being Automata. A lot of things make the restaurants in Australia so praiseworthy, like a movable approach to a frequently changing menu, or the possibility to dine outside on the balcony and enjoy an incredible view. In most restaurants, for lunch you can enjoy a rich 5-course menu, and a 7-course one for dinner. You will like how their menus are formulated with much freedom and energy. 

Moreover, do not skip one of their most famous treats, called the National Cake of Australia. It is a delicious jam-filled, sugar-coated delight. They also have Balmain Bugs, relatives of the lobster that live in the warm, shallow water around Australia. It sounds unappealing but it is actually quite tasty. 

The Grotto, Rayavadee, Krabi, Thailand

It also goes under the name of Cave Dining, a restaurant situated in a limestone cave on the Phranang Beach. A part of the luxurious Rayavadee resort, this place is open for everyone who wants to delight in some delicious food and impressive environment. Feel soft sand under your feet and admire a beautiful view of the sea!

Its specialty is a seafood barbecue, but you might also like its light snacks and great desserts. People who have visited it talk about the comfortable seating and great staff, as well.

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, San Pablo City, Philippines

Unique natural surroundings, authentic local cuisine and splendid bamboo tables – this is what you can expect from this place. Your feet will be rinsed by the crystal clear water, which will be quite refreshing in this humid climate. Instead of a regular air conditioner, you get the running waterfall. 

With their performances, they show off their traditional music and dance. You can also watch birds, or hike when you are done with eating. As for the food, they serve traditional Filipino dishes. You will love their mango and coconut juice!

Vista Restaurant, Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Those who are guests at the Song Saa Private Island hotel can cross the bridge that leads them to the lounge, which is situated over the water. The minute the panorama of the vast ocean opens, you get to enjoy the incredible view. 

Famous world-class chefs are responsible for your dishes, and they like to combine local Khmer flavors with the ones coming from the Western cuisines. They are well-known for their beverages, finest wines, champagnes and beers. 

Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare, Italy

We can’t help but love Italy, and the food is definitely one of the reasons why. Check out this fascinating restaurant in the fishing village of Polignano a Mare in Apulia if you ever have a chance. This very romantic restaurant is installed in a cave at the seaside, and here you can devour fresh seafood and enjoy the long wine list next to it.

All these places are unique and if you ever visit them, you will surely have a memorable experience. Not just that they offer food worthy of attention, but you can also enjoy extraordinary views, surroundings, beverages, and so much more.

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