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The DOs and DON’Ts of Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Picking a dress for the most glamorous day of your life is not an easy job. It’s even more difficult when you have so many dresses to choose from. Short or long? White or cream? Puff or mermaid? These are just some of the dilemmas you might face. To make this choice a bit easier for you, we picked up some of the DOs and DON’Ts you should take into account.

DO try out as many dresses as you want

black and white photoWhen you walk into a wedding dress shop, you will certainly be overwhelmed every time. Too many dresses, too little time. But this doesn’t mean you should pick the first dress that you try out. The dress you pick needs to feel perfect to you if you wish to be fully satisfied and not worry about whether you picked the right one throughout your whole wedding day. So, take your time, and try to start as soon as the shops open. Shop assistants will be more polite and committed to you if they are not worn out from many customers they’ve had to deal with that day.

DO visit different shops

Don’t be lazy to search for a dress for many hours and days until you find the perfect one. Although your married friends might have told you that this particular shop has the best models, prices and is close by, don’t be tempted to buy a dress there if you can’t find the right one. Some wedding dresses are cheaper than others, but this is an investment you were ready to make once you said “yes”. So, grab a patient friend to visit many shops together until you run into the gown of your dreams.

DO try out different models

princessIf your dream wedding is a puff Cinderella model, but there is not one model that suits your taste, think about trying out a mermaid model, a high-neck mikado or an off-the-shoulder lace one. Don’t be afraid to turn from that straightforward plan and try something unexpected. The model you choose can be out of your comfort zone, but still look fabulous on you.

DON’T buy a dress that doesn’t suit your figure

You’ve got it – the perfect one. Color, shape, material, everything is there, except it’s just too narrow around the hips and too loose around the shoulders. Then you see it’s too long as well, even in high heels. Nothing that a small tailoring job can’t fix, right? Well, that might not be true. Some dresses are fixable, while others are not. Some materials are prone to tailoring adjustments, while others can’t be tampered with. If you need a plus size dress, don’t hesitate to ask for these models. There are wonderful plus size dresses that you can find in Oleg Cassini shops, specially made to hide whatever imperfection you wish. If you are pregnant, there are special models made for these situations as well.  

DON’T bring an audience

Although it might seem smart to bring more people to help you choose a dress, this idea can easily backfire. People’s opinions vary wildly, especially when it comes to aesthetics, so don’t think your wedding dress judges will agree on everything either. If you choose a dress that feels just right and your best friend agrees, but your mum, dad, and sister don’t, this can only cause confusion and make the choice harder. Bring one or two people that you trust enough to give you an honest opinion and you will help yourself a lot.

DON’T forget that the dress isn’t everything

dressThe perfect dress can’t be that perfect unless it’s accompanied with the right details. So, choosing a dress that doesn’t go with the veil you want can be a disaster, if not expected. Shoes are important, too, especially if your dress is knee length. Yes, the dress should be beautiful, but it is more important that you feel beautiful in it. The most beautiful and expensive wedding dress that doesn’t feel right on you can lead to a lack of confidence and make your wedding day go from best to least best in short notice.  

Remember not to stress over this process as well. Not one bride was left on her wedding day without a dress, and neither will you. Make sure to start searching a couple of months before the wedding just to avoid the stress if the search takes a while. Make an adventure out of it and enjoy yourself throughout the whole process.

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