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Scorpio Thigh High Boot in Black FEMME LA

I decided to take a chance and spend a few more dollars than usual to purchase a pair of thigh high boots that caught my eye. The Scorpio Thigh High Boot in Black from FEMME LA kept popping up on my screen pretty much every day in an ad from REVOLVE. I wanted to purchase a new pair of black thigh high boots, but I wanted something a little more interesting than what I’ve purchased to date. At $872, the boots I would really have loved to get my hands on were never going to be making their way into my closet (Aminah Abdul Jillil thigh high stretch boots with the bows on the back). At $249, the FEMME LA Scorpio thigh high boots were also out of budget, but I decided to risk it since I was only going to have to pay $62 to get them, and $62 every two weeks until they were paid.

Femme La Scorpio thigh high boots black faux leather

The boots arrived on October 4th and were packed and sent back on October 4th. Hugely disappointing.

First sign the experience was not going to be great, the zipper got stuck before I even put the boots on. While trying to zip them down in order to put them on, the zipper got stuck. The only other pair of boots with which I had a similar problem were the ones I purchase from Pretty Little Thing. Those boots were pretty cheaply made almost as if out of cardboard. I recently tried to put them on for something I was filming and the zipper got stuck and would not go up. The nightmare of that experience was that it went up far enough that I could not get my foot out of the boots and thought I was going to lose my mind trying to get the boot off. Once I finally managed to get my foot out (zipper never moved), I decided to put those boots where they belong, which, I regret to say, is in the trash.

As for the FEMME LA Scorpio boots...

Femme La Scorpio black leather thigh high boots

It took more than a few minutes for me to manage to get the zipper to go all the way down. But it hardly mattered because I could not get my foot into the boot once I did manage to get it unzipped. I have pretty narrow feet. Not the narrowest in the world but they are narrow, so for me to be unable to get my feet into a pair of shoes because the shoes are too narrow, they have to be really narrow. Now, I usually will buy size 8.5 in order to make sure my shoes will fit comfortably, but I wear size 8. Since they didn’t have size 8.5 I bought a size 8. For these shoes, I needed to buy a size 9 and even then I think they might still have been a tight fit. I think this size 8 is more like a size 7 so size 9 is more like size 8, which means that in order to get my feet into the shoes comfortably, I’d have had to buy them in size 10?

Anyway, the plan for these boots was to wear them with the black leather trench coat and the black leather dress shown below.

Fashionova black faux leather trench coat femme la scorpio thigh high boots

But I had to return them. There was no forcing my feet into them. It was absolutely 100% impossible to get them on. I’d have had to force the zipper with a determined will that would very likely have left me with bleeding heels.

So back to REVOLVE they went the same day they arrived.

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