Pretty Little Thing brown faux snakeskin leather thigh high over the knee boots


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Picked up a dress and a pair of faux snakeskin leather over the knee thigh high boots from Pretty Little Thing a couple weeks ago.

it was my first ever purchase from Pretty Little Thing. I’m doubtful that I will be purchasing anything else from them in the near future.

The main issue that I had with the experience of shopping PLT was the time that it took for me to receive the items. If I were doing a PLT versus Fashionnova type of review, I would have to say that being able to receive my items within a few days is preferable to waiting a few weeks. So I would give Fashionnova the edge.

The items purchased

Brown Snake Faux Leather Pointed High Heel Over The Knee Boots

Chocolate Brushed Rib Long Sleeve Ruched Shirt Dress

The reviews…

Brown faux snakeskin leather over the knee thigh high stiletto boots
The boots are very similar in style to the ones worn with the camel faux leather romper outfit.

These are not everyday boots and they are not going to be everybody’s favorite.

Brown faux snakeskin leather thigh high over the knee boots pretty little thing

Brown faux snakeskin leather thigh high over the knee boots
Of the over the knee thigh high boots that I’ve reviewed so far, I would say they come in at number four. Number 5 would be the other similar pair.

These boots are definitely not made for blending in. You’re going to be noticed if you choose to wear them. And there’s a strong likelihood that some people are going to think unflattering thoughts about your fashion sense. But it’s not really your business to worry what people think. They have the right to think what they want to think and you have the right to wear what you choose to wear.

Personally I think the boots are fun for playing at fashion modeling. Impossible to walk in without resorting to the catwalk strut and even then it’s tough to walk more than a few steps.

Would I wear these faux snakeskin leather thigh high boots out in public?

If I could walk in them and could come up with an outfit idea with which they worked incredibly, why not?

The dress…

Chocolate Brushed Rib Long Sleeve Ruched Shirt Dress

I like the dress as a top to be worn over a tank top or bodysuit with comfy joggers or jeans. Otherwise it’s basically blah. Not a whole lot to write about it. It wasn’t expensive, but I still think it was overpriced for the quality. Quality-wise I would expect a price tag under $10.

On a whole this wasn’t a terribly inspired look that I put together for showcasing the Pretty Little Thing brown faux snakeskin leather over the knee thigh high stiletto boots. I think maybe I should’ve gone with a brown leather mini with a camel or nude or beige top. I think something like that would’ve made the boots look more interesting than this brown button down shirt dress I chose.

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