Fashionnova gold Top of the Line Body Chain – $9.99

Fashionnova gold body chain wear over clothes looks yellow tank top black denim shorts
Bought this body chain from Fashionnova last month. I won’t get into whether or not body chains are appropriate for people over a certain age. Anyone of the opinion that some people are too old to wear body chains has the right to their opinion. For me, personally, I reject such ideas.

I’ll get straight to the review of the body chain. First of all, it arrived broken so that’s the reason it might look like I didn’t hook it up right. I had to rig it up because I otherwise would not have been able to wear it.

Putting it on…

At first I was confused, but then I realized it’s not complicated at all and since I’m sure I am the only person on the planet who would have had trouble figuring it out at first, I won’t bother with how-to details. It really is pretty straight forward.

Shopping for body chains?

If you are shopping for body chains, there are some interesting body chains on Amazon, some of which I am wanting to get my hands on myself. As soon as money allows I will do some reviews of some of these body chains. In the meantime, click the button below to shop body chains on Amazon. It is an affiliate link which means if you buy something I’ll get a commission that will help me get a little closer to being able to afford to buy another body chain to review. So thank you in advance.

Aside from the fact that it came broken, the body chain did its job. It’s cheap, but not in an insulting way. It’s obviously not strong and sturdy given it’s $9.99, but it doesn’t feel embarrassingly flimsy as you might expect. In my personal opinion, it looks good enough for what it is. And it feels like you could get a few uses out of it before you have to put it in the trash.

For me, it’s unlikely I would wear the body chain with my midriff bared, but I did put it on my Mannequin Justine to illustrate how it looks worn with the midriff bared. Just a reminder that because it came broken I had to fasten it however I could, so it’s fastened in the front instead of the back.


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