Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Pleaser Women’s Seduce 3000 white patent thigh high boots

I have finally bought a pair of white thigh high boots to try a white thigh high boots outfit look. I have to confess, I wish I’d bought the Steve Madden Viktory boots. They were on sale at DSW for $44 and I waited too long to get them.  I’ve previously purchased the Viktory in yellow and in cognac patent. I didn’t want to get a third pair of the same boots, but I feel like the white Viktory would have been a better option for this outfit.

Pleaser Seduce 3000 white thigh high boots 1

I am not in love with the Pleaser white patent Seduce 3000 (Price tag $83.95).

I won’t pretend that I’m familiar with Pleaser boots. I’ve seen them around while shopping online, and I’ve been intrigued by some of the styles. But I didn’t realize they’re fetish boots specifically. I’m still not really even sure that they are, but it does seem like that might be what they are. I’m thinking  Pleaser boots are not intended as general purpose fashion. But there weren’t many options for white thigh high boots that appealed to my taste in terms of style. And these looked chaste enough, minus the patent aspect. I’d hoped they could work for what I wanted. But they did not. These boots seem better suited for a sexy faux leather bodysuit or catsuit costume to be worn on stage for a performance. They are not for a white tuxedo look romper made of polyester that’s designed to be something you can wear generally. But since I’d already bought the romper (Fashion Nova) and the boots to do this outfit, I went ahead with my plans. It’s not like I had another pair of white thigh high boots or another outfit I could have worn instead of the romper.

My overall verdict on the boots

Pleaser Seduce 3000 white patent thigh high boots adelamonicaThigh high boots are fun for playing dress up and these are no exception. I had fun wearing them. I like playing dress up and there’s probably nothing that I wouldn’t wear and have fun because it’s not the item being worn that makes it fun. It’s just the dressing up and posing. So for that reason these boots served their purpose.

They were comfortable enough. I bought size 8 because they did not have 8.5. The fit was close but not necessarily tight, and they did not hurt my feet.

Heel Height

The heel height was quite manageable. It says they are 5-inch heels. They were more comfortable to walk in than some of the 4 inch heeled boots I’ve reviewed.


These are plastic boots. They look like plastic and they feel and behave like plastic. The patent plastic aspect of the boots is what makes them what they are I suppose–boots that, according to what it says on the Internet, are worn typically by people for activities involving sensuality and seduction. I guess that’s the reason they’re called “Seduce”.

These are cheap boots in terms of how they look. The price wasn’t cheap if you’re penniless like me. They cost $83.95. I used AfterPay to obtain them, so I still have 3 payments to make.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for white thigh high boots for a sexy faux leather costume, these are a good choice. If you’re looking for a pair of white thigh high boots that you might maybe be able to wear to work or to some event that’s not costume themed where people notice what you wear and talk about it, maybe these would not be the best choice.

The Romper…

adelamonica fashionnova Invading Your Privacy Blazer Romper white pleaser seduce 3000 white patent thigh high boots2Fashion Nova Invading Your Privacy Blazer Romper – White ($53.99)

The romper is alright. Like I said it wasn’t a good choice for styling patent thigh high boots. I think the styles clash a bit, but even still, I kind of liked the idea of the look. It would have worked if the boots had not been patent plastic.

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