Fashion Nova Into The Night Black Faux Leather Trench Coat


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Bought a black faux leather trench coat from Fashion Nova. The specific product “Fashion Nova Into The Night Faux Leather Trench Coat – Black”. Trench coat price $79. Purchased on sale for $56.

I originally intended to feature this outfit below, but thanks to the Femme La Scorpio boots turning out to be unwearable as described in this post, I had to come up with a different plan. Not just because of the boots, but also, the dress shown below ended up being a midi dress instead of a mini dress because I purchased the “tall” since they were out of petite. I’d hoped it would still fit like a mini dress but it did not.

Fashionova black faux leather trench coat femme la scorpio thigh high boots

I did manage to get some pictures and video footage with the above outfit, minus the Femme La boots. I styled the look with these stretchy vegan thigh high boots instead. Here are some photos from that look.

Adelamonica Fashion Nova black faux leather trench coat Jade Faux Leather Mini Dress

But in the end...

In the end, I decided to buy a faux leather jumpsuit and a new pair of boots. The jumpsuit is pretty cheap and not the most flattering fit. It’s skin tight so it will expose your dimples in places you might rather not have your dimples being exposed. Comfort wise I would not say it’s exactly comfortable. It does not stay put. Definitely not a high quality item, but then again, what’s to be expected from something that costs $40. In my opinion, it is overpriced. I did buy it on sale but I think even the sale price might be a little high for what the product offers.

Adelamonica Fashion Nova Harley faux Leather Jumpsuit Black

The boots are not my favorite but they served their purpose. I definitely know now that I have a preference for pointed toes and sleek high heels with no platform.

As for the trench coat...

The trench coat fits well I think. I like it and the blue trench coat previously featured well enough that I might purchase a couple of additional faux leather trench coats in a few weeks when I’ve paid off my current after pay balance.

To see how it looks in motion, visit the avenuesixty youtube channel.

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