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Leather is starting to take over as the material you’ll find the most in my sparse wardrobe. Not real leather but faux leather. And mostly in the color black.

My most recent shopping expeditions have been primarily for the purchase of faux leather items including trench coats, dresses, thigh high boots and pants.

how to keep your thigh high boots from slouching 2
AZALEA WANG Mindful Thigh High Boots black over the knee boots

The Black Leather Edit Playlist

Adelamonica Fashion Nova black faux leather trench coat Jade Faux Leather Mini Dress

What are the rules for leather and who can wear it at what age in what body etc.?

As long as a person isn’t breaking the law, it’s my opinion that no one has the right to dictate to any person what is okay and not okay for them to wear at any point in their life for any reason. So, for that reason, it makes no difference in my opinion what the “rules” may or may not be for wearing leather. But I do realize that wearing leather is considered unethical in some circles–even wearing faux leather. It’s a controversial topic. For that reason, I must be careful to respect the fact that there are people who are strongly opposed to the manufacturing of goods using leather as material, and to wearing, or otherwise using, such goods.

Designer Fantasy all black leather outfit with gold accessories

designer fantasy all black leather outfit

Designer Fantasy Items

  • Dolce & Gabbana Bella DG logo-plaque clutch – $1166
  • Le Silla Eva thigh-high boots – $1539
  • AMIRI sleeveless leather vest top – $1727
  • Balmain zipped leather jacket Black – $4095
  • Saint Laurent leather skinny trousers – $3290
  • Moschino clip-on earrings – $325
  • Valentino Garavani VLogo curb-chain choker – $1290
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I admit that I haven’t thought much about the ethics of wearing leather. I’ve not done any research or in any way sought to investigate the question of whether it’s ethical or not ethical to wear leather. I assumed as long as I wasn’t wearing real leather it was okay. And nothing I wear is real leather (that I know about). But it seems like faux leather comes with it’s own ethical concerns surrounding the environment and sustainability. This is a new discovery for me. I always thought the only issue surrounding faux leather was the stigma associated in some circles where leather is a status symbol, and you get mocked and ridiculed for wearing anything but the real thing. It’s all very interesting. But this edit is not about discussing the ethics of wearing leather. I acknowledge the issue and pledge to do some research and give consideration to whether it’s necessary for me to wear leather of any kind. In the meantime, I’m doing this edit to showcase my black leather looks.

Some people think wearing leather will make people think they have a bad reputation. Especially if they wear things like thigh high boots with micro mini skirts...

adelamonica the black leather edit halloween 2022 fishnet thigh high mini skirt cutout top
Halloween 2022 outfit - Black faux leather jacket and boots with fishnet stockings mirco mini cut-out top. Not an outfit that I would wear out in public at this stage of life. But I would have worn it as a teenager. I don't think anyone should be labeled and assumed to deserve condemnation and scorn because they wear an outfit that somebody else perceives in a certain light.

This was my Halloween 2022 outfit. I wore it briefly on the morning of Halloween to make a video. The faux leather boots are featured in Thigh high boots with jeans and also in Fashion Nova Into The Night Black Faux Leather Trench Coat

The faux leather jacket can be found on Amazon via this affiliate link. It’s described as a faux leather textured short moto jacket. It has great reviews. It’s a cute little jacket.

What is it you like about wearing leather?

Someone asked me this question recently. The truth is, I’m just having fun making videos. There’s nothing more to it than that. Maybe I like the look and feel of leather, or I should say faux leather because all the leather looks are of faux leather. But I don’t have any deep and sensual love for leather. It’s not a lifestyle or anything of the kind. I’m just modeling clothing and footwear made of faux leather material because that’s what I’ve been buying lately.

adelamonica the black leather edit img 1621

Top 8 black leather items on my holiday wish list

Brands and titles of top 8 Items

  • Jacob Lee gloved leather bodysuit – $2322
  • Gauchere Lamb Leather Miniskirt – $695
  • Christian Louboutin So Kate 100 Leather Ankle Boots Black – $1095
  • Bottega Veneta Leather Skinny-Leg Pants – $4100
  • Khaite the Nuelle dress in black leather – $3900
  • Ralph Lauren Collection Ainsley Nappa Leather Wrap Coat – $5790
  • Sergio Hudson Womens Leather Button Down Shirt – $1195
  • The Row Travis Tailored Leather Maxi Coat – $8900

On the subject of wearing leather and whether it is ethical or not ethical, I’ll refrain from rendering an opinion as I am not sufficiently informed on the subject either way. What I do firmly believe is that people should have to right to live as they choose as long as they’re not breaking the law. They should have the right to wear what they want to wear without needing to fear being verbally or physically assaulted.


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