This post was going to be titled “Grilling in Thigh High Boots”, but my footage didn’t come out the way I wanted it to yesterday (Memorial Day). I decided to wear my latest pair of over the knee thigh high boots to do some cooking on the barbecue grill for Memorial Day 2022. I just thought it would make for an interesting angle for this review. Life is short. And for me, there’s not much that’s fun to do generally. My thrills have to be created out of absurd ideas. But, unfortunately, my idea for doing a “Grilling in thigh High Boots” approach to reviewing these Steven Madden cognac patent faux leather Viktory thigh high boots did not work out because I wasn’t able to get any interesting material to use. So I’ll leave that idea for another time. Maybe I’ll grill in stiletto ankle boots instead of thigh highs. Or some other interesting shoes equally unsuited for grilling. We’ll see.

In the meantime, let’s get to my review of these Steve Madden boots. They are the cognac patent faux leather version of the yellow Viktory boots reviewed in “Fashionnova yellow lace romper with yellow thigh high boots

Steve Madden cognac patent faux leather thigh high boots fashion nova Boss Babe Romper rust

I styled the boots with a romper from Fashionnova “Boss Babe Romper” in rust. I probably could have stood to buy the small. The XS was a bit snug. The romper is decent although the material isn’t the most spring/summer suitable. It’s 95% polyester 5% spandex.

The Steve Madden thigh high boots…

Steve Madden patent faux leather cognac thigh high boots

Speaking of things being spring/summer suitable, I know it’s not exactly sensible to wear faux patent leather thigh high boots in hot weather, but I didn’t find these boots uncomfortable because of hot weather. I think you can wear thigh high boots in hot weather if you want. Probably peep toe thigh high boots would draw less attention if you’re concerned about what other people might think. But you should never care what anyone else thinks about what you’re wearing. It’s rude to be watching people and judging their attire. It’s nobody’s business but your own what you chose to wear. Nobody else needs to like your style but you. I know I’ve commented in past blog posts about other people’s clothing choices. Shame on me. And if I should slip up and comment in the future, as after all I am human, shame on me for any future judgements I make on other people’s choice of attire. It’s none of my bleeping business what anybody else is wearing.

What I think of the boots

  • I might have preferred them to be a bit less shiny and glossy
  • They’re comfortable enough to just have on, but not so comfortable to walk in. The yellow Viktory thigh high boots I reviewed in “Fashionnova yellow lace romper with yellow thigh high boots” were easier to walk in and more comfortable to wear
  • They take a little work to get on and off

Looking for a pair of cognac thigh high boots to buy?

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