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Put this outfit together just to have something to post today. The dress is a recent purchase from Fashion Nova. Mentioned in this post as one of two faux leather dresses purchased last month. Or maybe it was this post? The boots are from back in March. They are the bow detail over the knee boots also purchased via Fashion Nova and featured in Fashion Nova Black Thigh High Over the Knee Boots

Sweetest Around Over The Knee Boots

The boots definitely do not go with the outfit.

But I couldn’t wear the stretchy vegan boots again so soon after re-wearing them for my Halloween outfit video. And I couldn’t wear the platform boots I purchased and featured in Fashion Nova Into the Night Black Faux Leather Trench Coat because I’ve worn them for a few too many outfits in a short span of time recently.

I think this would have been a great outfit for me to try out a pair of pant boots.

I’ve been wanting to try a pair of leather pants boots (boots that are also pants or pants that are also boots all in one pants and boots) but I couldn’t think of how I would even style them. I think they would have worked with this dress. I needed a pair of boots that hugged my calves and thighs. These ones I’m wearing just look ridiculous.

Saint Laurent has a really interesting looking pair of leather pants boots that actually look like leather pants and leather boots. They’d be perfect if the heels were stiletto.

Saint Laurent Leather Slim Fit Pantaboots

Saint Laurent Leather Slim Fit Pantaboots
Image via

But the sale price tag is $2,979.90 ($5,049.27 original price)

halter style faux leather dress black mini fashion nova biker jacket bow detail over knee thigh boots

The halter style black faux leather dress

This is supposed to be a mid-thigh length mini dress, but they were out of stock in petite. I purchased a tall hoping it would still fit like a mini, but (when standing) it fits more like a midi dress or a just above the knee length mini depending on how much I weigh on a given day. Seated it fits like a mini at my present weight.

Today I was quite a bit bloated, so the dress wasn’t fitting too spectacularly. But I’m fully on board with the movement to love and accept my body in all it’s sizes and shapes and conditions. A flat stomach is nice but hey, sometimes the gut protrudes.

As far as the outfit goes, I threw on an old biker style faux leather jacket with the dress. I think I purchased it from Macys a few years back. I’m not quite sure because I have about 4 similar biker style jackets and can’t be sure which was purchased from where.

Overall the outfit is okay. I would wear it out in public with a different pair of boots. I do think the dress with the black faux leather trench coat and  the stretchy vegan boots as shown below gets the edge.

Adelamonica Fashion Nova black faux leather trench coat Jade Faux Leather Mini Dress

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