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How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Evening Extra Special

Everyone wants to make their Valentine’s Day evening meaningful and special. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been together; making sure your significant other knows how much you care about them is important!

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Everyone wants to make their Valentine’s Day evening meaningful and special. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been together; making sure your significant other know how much you care about them is important! If you’re searching for some ways to make this Valentine’s Day stand out from all the others, there are tons of unique ideas out there. Check out this list of Valentine’s Day ideas to enhance your evening. Choose your favorites or let them inspire some ideas of your own.


Gifts have become a traditional part of this romantic holiday, but you don’t have to buy the same old things people do every year. Skip out on the candy hearts, chocolate boxes, and fluffy bears for something a little more meaningful with lingerie, fine jewelry, and custom creations.

  • Intimates

Lingerie is incredibly empowering for many women, as it helps them feel sexy, confident, and comfortable in their own skin. Buying yourself a set of intimates to reveal on Valentine’s Day helps you control the narrative of your relationship and spices up the bedroom with a bit of a surprise for your significant other! 

That’s not to say that men can’t get a little sexy with their own set of underwear! His and her boxer brief sets can be just as seductive as a little black lace teddy. However, if you’re not intimately familiar with your partner’s lingerie preferences, you may want to stick to shopping for yourself, as they may not appreciate you overstepping certain boundaries.

  • Design Your Own Ring

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One sign of serious commitment to a relationship is buying your significant other jewelry. Whether it’s earrings, a bracelet, or a ring, you can establish that you’re taking your relationship to the next level with a fine jewelry piece that puts your heart out there. Make your gift matter that much more when you create a custom design that fits their personality exactly!

  • His & Hers Set

You might think that because you’re already engaged or married that buying jewelry doesn’t quite have the same impact. That’s not true! You can still make jewelry a powerful and meaningful step in your relationship – especially if gift-giving is one of your love languages. Explore His & Hers sets that can help you commemorate your years together.

Many people don’t know that rings experience a lot of wear over time. Their bands get thinner, prongs get weaker, and stones may crack from everyday wear. Be prepared with a replacement as the years pass, so you’re not always repairing the same rings over and over again.


You have to eat, right? But how do you make this dinner one that’s extra special? Whatever it is that you normally do, maybe you should consider doing the opposite. Consider some of these dinner date ideas and choose your favorite! 

  • Cooking Together

Cooking at home together is a bonding experience that can help you get closer. Experiment with a new dish and let these moments spent in the kitchen help you create new memories that will last a lifetime. Sitting down for your meal isn’t as important as the process that helped you get there!

  • Backyard Picnic

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If you want to put a little twist on a meal at home, consider a backyard picnic with all your favorite healthy foods. Whether you’re sitting on a blanket on the ground or lounging back in patio furniture, consider bringing a basket with some wine, cheese, and charcuterie to start the evening off right!

  • Order In

Leave the cooking to others and focus on each other. Pick your favorite spot, set up some candles and music, and create an intimate atmosphere in which to enjoy a good meal with the person who means the most to you.


Whether you want to include some fun activities into your Valentine’s Day evening before or after dinner, there are a few things that could make your evening extra special. Stay in together and explore these couple’s activities.

  • DIY Wine Tasting

You don’t have to go to a winery to enjoy a little wine tasting. DIY your wine tasting for the night when you go to your local liquor store to find a few wines you’ve never tasted before. Choose three or four bottles to pair with your meal or enjoy with an appetizer. Maybe you’ll discover some new favorites that will make it into your regular rotation!

  • Stage a Photoshoot

This idea doesn’t have to be risque, but it could be a unique way to spend your evening and open up to your partner a little bit more. Choose some of your favorite lingerie, costumes, or themed outfits to snap some shots of each other. These could be sizzling shots for the boudoir, silly holiday cards for friends, or family photos for the fridge that help you make new memories to share with each other, friends, and family.

Write Love Letters

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If you want to keep the mood romantic, you can focus on your relationship with love letters. After a couple of glasses of wine, take some time to write short love letters to each other, focusing on your feelings and the joy you find in your relationship. Then, read them together and keep sharing your favorite things about each other.

You can make this idea a tradition when you package up your letters with a bottle of wine to open up next Valentine’s Day. Drink the bottle and read the letters again before writing new love letters to pack up for next year. Keep the new letters a surprise or read them before packing them up – it’s your choice!

Mix & Match

Do any of these have you feeling inspired? You don’t have to choose just one! Mix and match all these ideas to create the perfect Valentine’s Day night for you and your significant other!

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