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The Backpack Bag Trend: When This Style Works Best

It used to be that backpacks were packed with books and thrown over your shoulders before heading off to school – but not anymore. Backpack bags have taken over the classic style with added functionality, flexibility, and modern flair, offering you a new way to carry your essentials. With the hands-free capabilities and tons of cute options available, it’s no wonder it’s become a favorite alternative to handbags! But how and when do you wear this style?

Let’s just say you have more than one option when it comes to this trend—from traveling needs to professional work outfits, it can cover a wide range of looks.

As the Travel Staple

a woman carrying a brown leather backpack

Finding the perfect travel bag is far from easy. Add in trying to find something that has a little personality, and it’s next to impossible! Unlike your average carry-on backpack or duffel, you don’t need to sacrifice style or utility with a backpack. Lightweight while still providing you with storage compartments for your laptop, water bottle, and in-flight must-haves, a convertible travel backpack makes for the best companion for vacays. Slip it on rolling luggage to get through those never-ending lines at airport security, carry it on one shoulder (or both!) as you’re on the move, or pack it and bring it as your overnight bag. Travel ready? Check.

As the New Work Bag

person walking in the street carrying a work bag

From laptop messengers to totes, young professionals have plenty of options when it comes to work bags. But there’s a new contender in town: the backpack bag. They protect and carry everything you need in one bag, can double as an after-work gym bag, and provide great organization for your most important items.

Perhaps the best part? They make commutes easier than ever. If you commute via public transportation or even if you’re one of the unlucky souls that’ve accidentally spilled the contents of her bag on the way to work, you know how difficult things can be when you’re in a rush to the office. Backpacks are protective and hands-free, so you can stay balanced when riding a crowded train, bus, or subway. To choose your perfect work bag, make sure you consider a design and aesthetic that fits in with your workplace such as a vegan leather bag in a neutral or basic color, space, and material.

As the Go-To for Everyday

woman wearing a black backpack standing in front of a building

Who says that handbags are your only option for busy days on the go? When you have a day packed with grocery shopping, a trip to the bank, and laundry before heading out with the girls, you need a bag that can keep up. A vegan leather sling bag is your answer to having hands-free convenience, comfort, and contemporary style that’ll take you all around the city. There’s no need to take extra time styling your look before your busy day, either – these bags are as versatile as they are functional. Dress it up for a night out or wear it with your favorite athleisure or street style to take on that to-do list.

As the Modern Mom Bagwoman wearing a backpack and holding baby while walking on dock

Being a mom does not mean you have to carry a so-called “mom bag.” If diaper bags aren’t your thing, backpack bags are the alternative you’ve been searching for. Since there are so many options, you need to consider where you and your little one are headed for the day. Larger backpack bags are awesome for storing diapers, bottles, toys, and a change of clothes, while a sling backpack bag is best for those quick trips that only require a couple of diapers and wipes or moms of toddlers. Say hello to stylish, hands-free functionality.

As the Sightseeing Companionwoman with a black backpack walking across a bridge

If you have a city vacation or day trip planned, picking the right bag is tricky. Heading to the cutest little cafes, museums, and top attractions, you want a bag that’ll carry your essentials and give you the perfect complement to your Instagram-worthy outfits. Backpack bags are fashion-forward, while still giving you accessibility you need on the go. You could call them the perfect tourist bag: stylish, hands-free, and functional – without actually making you look like you’re a tourist. Don’t know which backpack bag to choose? Try going for a sling backpack or a mini backpack to avoid weighing yourself down around the city and to maintain your perfectly trendy travel style.

Trying the Backpack Bag Trend

two women walking down a sidewalk, one with black backpack on

With their versatility and style, backpack bags are the ultimate go-to to have in your collection. It all just comes down to choosing the right one for your lifestyle! From work to nights out, the instant style and functionality of these bags will have you shopping for one for every occasion.

woman walking down a sidewalk carrying a white purse on her back

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