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Everything Your Outdoor Wedding Needs This Summer

Most weddings don’t come together overnight. You’ve probably been planning yours for a while now. Before you get ready to say those magical words, make sure you line all your ducks in a row. Run through this list of everything your outdoor wedding needs this summer.

Tent Decorations

Tents are great for outdoor weddings. They keep everyone protected from the elements in case of rain or too much sun. But they’re pretty straightforward. There’s not much spectacular about them, and that’s where your design skills come in.

The tents will need more added to them, such as lighting, chandeliers, textured curtains, and overhead pieces. Consider these the finishing touches. Guests will look beyond the table centerpieces and dinner plates. Their eyes will wander upward too, so the tent needs to match the rest of the décor.

Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms are necessary for outdoor weddings. Standard porta-potties are not going to cut it. You need to go all out in this area because your guests will be wearing their Sunday best. And they need a bathroom they’ll feel comfortable in.

Not to mention a regular portable bathroom will throw off the entire vibe for the wedding. There’s a lot you need to consider when renting luxury restrooms. Run through the list and ensure you cross all your Ts and dot every I.

A Plan B

Every wedding needs a plan B—it doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or outdoors. A backup plan doesn’t mean scrapping the venue and starting from scratch. An alternative option mainly refers to carefully critiquing the sequence of events that day and seeing where there might be potential problems.

For example, you can expect wind and bugs at an outdoor wedding. What’s the plan to solve these problems? You need napkin holders and other decorative pieces to hold materials that could fly away. Also, you may want to purchase citronella candles and burning oils to keep the bugs away from your special day. Your plan B is about thinking ahead.

Temperature Controls

It would be great if you had the power to control the temperature on your big day. But there’s only so much you can do. If only Mother Nature would get with the program. Not to worry—here’s a solution.

Bring in ways to control coolness or warmth. If it’s going to be scorching, have fancy fans on standby. And if the night will bring a chill into the area, supply your guests with blankets. You want them to be as comfortable as possible. And these are small comforts you can provide them. With these, all their attention will be back to having a good time.

Gather everything your outdoor wedding needs this summer and get ready for the party of a lifetime.

Felicia Priedel
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