Top Fashion Items in a Pandemic-Ridden World


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All aspects of life-as-we-know-it have changed in unexpected ways, and fashion is very much included in this. The need for “going-out” clothes has greatly diminished, and cute and comfortable styles have taken center stage to replace our previously adored fashion items. Curious about the top fashion items in a pandemic-ridden world? We’ve got your back. Read on to learn all about the must-haves of a quarantined fashionista.


COVID-19 has shed some serious light on the importance of self-care and “me-time”. After a year of discomfort outside of the home, we’ve all prioritized the comfort of staying in. And in many cases, we’ve mastered it! Loungewear was always important. But these days, having the perfect loungewear set for your next Netflix binge or work from home day is beyond critical. Why not look your best while staying comfy? Choose a few ultra-cozy sets, but also look for more elevated sets that would be appropriate for work or a Zoom meeting. That’s right — dressy two-piece sets are a thing! Look for neutral styles and layer on attractive jewelry for a pop.

LoungewearVenturing out into the real world again with any semblance of normalcy will be a treat, for sure, but let’s never forget the importance of a good loungewear set and how versatile they can be for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

Low-Key, Easy Dresses

The luxury of being able to throw on a casual, flowy dress when you have to run simple errands (like going to the grocery store or to the post office) requires an arsenal of gorgeous, easy dresses. Shop for chic women’s dresses that combine simple silhouettes with meaningful details. Opt for a patterned midi dress or tiered floral maxi that will be comfortable and cool while offering some contemporary style. As restrictions lift, you’ll find more opportunities to incorporate dresses back into your everyday wardrobe besides your daily errands.

Attractive Face Masks

In 2019, cute face masks may have sounded like a total oxymoron. Why on earth would we opt to cover our faces? But by now, we all know the necessity of having several go-to breathable and cute face masks to throw on any time we venture out of the comfort of our own homes. We are all about the classic-looking black face masks, but also the adorable prints that make a statement of undeniable style. Shop for fun patterns and prints or color-coordinate your face masks with your outfits for a put-together look. 

Casual and Comfy Shoes

Gone are the days where walking around in stilettos made sense (but we are truly confident that they will return soon). The global pandemic made it obvious that having sensible and attractive shoes was a complete necessity. Find gorgeous and affordable shoes to slip on and make your outfit sensibly complete. Opt for comfy mules for work or cushiony sandals for around the house and running errands.

Make the end of your quarantine fashionably fantastic. Although things have changed, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to look cute while we come together as a community and deal with COVID-19. We predict that some of these styles and fashions will be here to stay for quite some time. After all, we cannot imagine going from comfy joggers to stiff jeans at the snap of a finger. Make the most of your wardrobe and soak up these comfy styles as we slowly approach our normal lives.



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