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Top 10 Tips for Getting the Best Micro Bikini Poses

Before hitting the beach or yacht club for your next photo session, you’ll need a look that’s guaranteed to make some waves. Reveal your hottest features and master the moves to really show it off.

Feel like a total babe and pro model by utilizing these ten tips for posing in a bikini. Whether you’re looking to bring poise and elegance to your look or just want to go for raw sex appeal, up your game with these best bikini poses!

How to Pose in Your Micro Bikini

The following are some general tips that will help bring your bikini modeling to the next level. Best to add your own signature flare, of course!

  1. Accentuate your curves. Try twisting your hip without facing the camera straight on. Being dynamic with your stance shows your flirtatious side and sexiest features.
  2. Use triangle poses. Spread your legs to form a triangle, but be sure to angle your body slightly away from the camera. The sexiest women show confidence, and this powerful stance will show just that.
  3. Open up your chest. Body language is important when posing in a bikini. The best bikini poses show an open and extended body. By pulling your shoulders back, straightening your posture, and keeping your arms neutral, you’re creating a strong silhouette that radiates confidence. 
  4. Work with the environment. If you’re at the beach, push yourself up while lying in the sand to create that curve on your back. Use railings, a boat, or anything else as inspirational props. Look around and do your thing! 
  5. Embrace your beauty and ravish in the limelight. If you love the way you look and feel good, the camera will pick that up, too. Selecting the sexiest bikini can do exactly that.
  6. Stand on your tiptoes. Not only will your legs look more toned, but you will feel longer, more elegant, and confident as ever! Complete the look by being flirtatious with your hair, sunglasses, or hat.
  7. Bring your hips forward. Go long and extend your body but bring your hips forward to create that naughty look. Add that fearless shape when posing in a bikini.
  8. Don’t be so serious. Some of the best bikini poses show the model’s playful side. Flirt with the camera. Smile. Sultry, stoic expressions are sexy, sure, but so is having fun.
  9. Be mindful of your arms. From a side view, when you move your arms back, they may look bigger. Pushing them forward can help you achieve that ultra-flattering beach pic.
  10. Tease the paparazzi. You know these pics—a hand reaching out to cover the camera as the hottest celebs make their way through the crowd. These shots are not only more playful and popular, but they offer a candid appeal.

Ready for the Camera?

Learn from the sexiest beachgoers and see how top contributors are posing in their bikinis. With a bit of practice, you’ll become a natural on camera. Soon you could be interacting with bikini lovers all over the world.

Image URL: https://unsplash.com/photos/Y9ksK2aKzkU

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