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Ways To Include Your Kids in Your Wedding

Weddings are a special day for the entire family, so celebrate your kids by including them in the festivities. Read about the ways to include your kids in your wedding and use these ideas!

Make Kids a Part of Wedding Planning

Make your kids mini wedding planners. Give them small responsibilities, like assembling party favors, selecting family photos, or putting stamps on save-the-date cards. This takes duties off of your hands while making them feel special. Furthermore, let your kids tag along to cake tastings or clothes fittings for extra fun!

Add Your Kids to the Wedding Party

Flower girls, ring bearers, and junior bridesmaids and groomsmen are roles kids can play in a wedding. Make your kids a part of the special day by adding them to the wedding party. Let them participate in age-appropriate festivities, like bridal showers or brunches.

Speaking of age-appropriate things, it’s important they also look good on the wedding day. That said, pinning back their curls is one of the cutest hairstyles for your flower girls. Generally, kids don’t require over-the-top enhancements to make them wedding-ready.

Have a Unity Ceremony

Having a unity ceremony is another way to include your kids in your wedding. Marriage creates bigger families or reaffirms existing ones. A unity ceremony symbolizes the connections between kids and parents.

You can light a candle, have a sand ceremony, or choose a nontraditional alternative. The point is to acknowledge family members and celebrate the journey ahead.

Additionally, including your kids in your vows is a sweet way to make them feel special!

Ask Your Kids To Perform

Do you have a gifted singer? What about a passionate dancer? Showcase your kid’s talent by asking them to perform at your wedding. Give them the spotlight to dedicate a performance to you and your partner.

Make sure your kid is comfortable with this idea and is willing to participate. If not, think of alternatives, like a pre-recorded performance to display on the big screen.

Showcase Your Kids in the Decorations

Two words: cake toppers. Reflect your family with cake toppers that showcase each member. Of course, you and your partner are on the top tier, but consider adding kids to the lower tiers. Personalize each figurine to accurately depict your kids.

Along with this idea, showcase your family photos at the reception. Plan a pre-wedding photoshoot or select fun pictures for slideshows and tabletop decor.

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