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How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Outfit

Full disclosure from Avenue Sixty: this is a third party article with lots of useful information, but it does not necessarily reflect the views of the Avenue Sixty editorial staff. Our mission is to encourage people to be who they are, live their life and be free and be happy and do not concern themselves with how other people are going to perceive them or anything they do. We are more likely to discourage you from stressing and worrying about having an Instagram worthy outfit and to be who you are in truth whatever you chose to wear. The question of whether or not something is Instagram worthy is one we would love to help eradicate. That said, we recognize that the world is a long way from that question becoming something people are learning about in text books detailing the history of the time when society was dominated by social media. So, we are publishing the article for anyone who might find it useful.

Having an outfit that’s “Instagrammable” or “Pinterest-worthy” isn’t always about the outfit itself. Yes, the outfits following the trends are most likely to do numbers, but having a successful post is more about how you rock it.

If you’re looking to boost your numbers or just make your account something you’re proud of, follow these steps to make your outfit way more social media-friendly.

Outfits That Flatter Your Body

Clothing companies try to lie to you sometimes: there’s no one outfit that makes everyone look like a movie star. Truth is, everyone’s body is different, and every body type looks best in different cuts and fits.

Here’s a secret: the reason so many celebrities look great no matter what they’re wearing is that their clothes are tailored to their body. They can get any old baggy white t-shirt, but a stylist will be there in the background making sure it fits their shoulders, hangs around their waist, and hugs the curves they want to show off. Fit is everything.

You can wear whatever you want, whether it’s a bodycon dress or a loose kimono — just make sure it fits! Wear one of your favorite outfits in your closet or browse online to find affordable women’s clothing that will make you feel the most like yourself.

Photography Skills

You can have it all: a perfect pose, a gorgeous outfit, and a stunning landscape, but your post is going to flop if your picture is bad. Photography skills can turn even an average look in an average place into an eye-catching piece of art.

Even if you have no artistic instinct, you can easily take your photos to the next level by learning a little about the key elements of photography: composition and lighting. We’re not going to pretend to be pro photographers — look to a professional guide for an explanation.

Want a fast and easy rule for making your pictures look better? Make your lighting even. Too much contrast between shadow and light can distract the eye from the subject and make for a messy-looking photo (unless you really know what you’re doing).

woman in brown coat standing beside brown car

Natural Poses

You can have the trendiest, hottest outfit that a Kardashian just flaunted, but a forced, awkward pose can still wreck it. “Over-posing” can make a photo something you’ll look back at and regret. Simultaneously, trying too hard to look casual — for example, faking raucous laughter with a group of friends — can look artificial.

The key is to act naturally. Make your pose intentional — pick a stance and rock it. Stick with your gut and channel that inner model. We know it’s cliche, but try to be yourself, not the person you think will get the most likes.

Feeling Comfortable and Confident

Unless you’re a supermodel, it’s going to be really hard to make an outfit look flattering when you feel uncomfortable and/or insecure. Confidence shows in your body language and your facial expression, and it makes all the difference in your Instagram photography.

Improving your confidence can be a long road, but you can start by choosing clothes that feel comfortable. Stiff, itchy, or poor-fitting clothes are hard to pose naturally in. Pick something stylish in your budget that hugs you in all the right places.

Eye-catching Accessories

A unique and attention-grabbing accessory is what’s going to stop people scrolling and get them to take a second look. It doesn’t have to be off-the-wall, if that’s not your style, it just has to be stunning! You can easily find affordable fashion accessories online that will give you that bold look.


Be You

Worried you’re not going to be able to pull off that daring newsboy cap or colorful romper? Go back to step 4: confidence. Pick something that you think is really “you” and show it off, loud and proud. After all, isn’t having a social media account about showcasing your personality?

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