Are Diamonds Still A Girl’s Best Friends?


Diamonds are beautiful, rare and expensive, so it is no wonder that our infatuation with these precious gemstones goes back for centuries. The reason why we find diamonds so enchanting lies in commonly known facts about their origin, quality, and value. However, there are gemstones rarer than diamonds, and many jewelers confirm that there is great demand for colored gemstones in recent years, so naturally, one must wonder if diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. By being an engagement ring standard, it is obvious that nowadays diamonds are affordable for many people, yet they still stand as a superior symbol of luxury. Read on to understand why all of us still fall for diamonds.

Diamonds are romantic

Over time, diamonds became associated with romance and vows of eternal love, as if they are a promise for having your own ‘’happily ever after’’ story. Catchy lyrics that Marilyn Monroe sang decades ago certainly helped in reminding modern men (and women) that a sure way to win a woman’s heart is to overwhelm her with a sparkly reflection of light coming out of a ring box. Since the 15th century, the diamond was a symbol of true love and commitment, and the trend continues to this day.

Diamonds are a statement in itself

There is this aspect of cultural weight that diamonds hold. Wearing diamonds says a lot about a person, starting from relationship to social status. We see them as a symbol of success, luxury, and glamour. Diamonds go well with a certain lifestyle that everyone is dreaming of, so wearing diamonds surely sends a strong message. Diamonds always make a fabulous impression on others, whereas it is hard not to feel fabulous while wearing them.

Every diamond has a story

It is hard to determine the age of diamonds, but most of them are at least a billion years old. In addition to that, only around 20% of diamonds make it from the mines of South Africa to jewelry stores. Diamonds are hand selected, based on their quality and size, and only after they are cut and polished by a master craftsman, they get their place on jewelry pieces. Wearing a gemstone that has been there since the dawn of the world is more than jewelry. Just another thing to think about when appreciating your sparkly ring.

Diamonds are gorgeous

The beauty of the diamonds is in sparkling, as they reflect light more than any other natural gemstone. Only diamond can break the light into a rainbow, and its brilliance can be amplified if cut a certain way. For instance, most popular engagement rings are those with a round cut, since round shaped diamonds glow like no other. Plus, know that there are no two diamonds alike. Every diamond is unique in its physical characteristics, brilliance, and energy.

Diamonds are a great investment

Buying diamonds exceed aesthetic ambitions, simply because of their underlying value. In any part of the world, at any given time in future, the diamonds will always be prestigious commodities. Safe from inflation and currency reforms, diamonds are price independent and free from any government laws that can devalue any currency. Safely investing in diamonds is the most secure investment since they do not lose their value with time, nor they require costly maintenance. At the end, same as with any other natural resource, diamonds will be rarer with time.

Diamonds are the perfect heirlooms

Everyone likes the idea of family treasure, and honestly, there is hardly a better heirloom than lovely diamonds in a jewelry box. It is a perfect way to hold family memories, while it is a comforting thought that we will be able to leave something beautiful and valuable to our loved ones in times that come.


Diamonds are great companions, but they are not girl’s best friends, simply because their friends are. However, diamonds were here long before us and will continue to sparkle long after all of our friendships end. Things will change, and trends will come and go, but diamonds will endure the pressure and will stand the test of time as they did in the past. It is most likely that diamonds are forever indeed.


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