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Sleepwear Choices: 5 Comfortable Clothing for Women That Are Actually Eco-Friendly

When you’re searching for the perfect sleepwear, you shouldn’t have to compromise between sustainability and comfort. If you’re in the market for sleepwear to luxuriously fall asleep in, there are sustainable options we think you should know about. Take sustainability seriously anytime the opportunity presents itself—even when it comes to your sleepwear! Here are five styles we love in brands that are making waves in the sustainable clothing industry.


Slip Top and Shorts by Underprotection

In the warmer months, it feels great to slip into a silky sleepwear set that includes a spaghetti strap tank top and cute little shorts. This slip top and shorts set tops off the style with lace trim at the top and bottom. Underprotection is a Danish clothing brand that combines high-fashion with sustainable materials like recycled polyester, recycled wool, Tencel lyocell, and organic cotton. All of their packaging, paper, and polybags are made from recycled materials or are biodegradable. They also focus on fair working conditions and fair wages with their certified factories.


Phillipa Pajama Top with Matching Lark Pants by Amour Vert

This striped, long-sleeve pajama set includes a button-up top with a collar and wide-leg pants made from Amour Vert’s super soft Dream Knit. Amour Vert is based in San Francisco, California where its final stage of production is completed. This company uses only eco-friendly materials and promotes a zero-waste strategy by limiting the quantities of clothing they produce. They also use packaging made from recyclable materials, compostable protective bags, and print with soy-based inks.


Goodnight Dress by Boody

A short, t-shirt style dress is a classic women’s sleepwear option that is oh so comfortable! The Goodnight Dress by Boody is available in four colors and is soft, lightweight, and breathable. Boody is an Australian sustainable clothing brand that uses sustainable materials, like bamboo fabric, that are certified cruelty-free and come from ethical supply chains. The bamboo is grown organically without artificial irrigation and helps improve the air quality of the Earth. Bamboo is a super fast-growing and regenerating plant that is a perfect choice to use in sustainable clothing.


Tencel Sleep Tanks and Shorts by MATE

When Tencel lyocell fibers are combined with organic cotton, the result is a super soft and durable fabric you’ll love falling asleep in. Simple tank tops and matching shorts with pockets make for a basic go-to sleepwear set every wardrobe needs. The Tencel sleep tanks and shorts made by MATE boast that they use 84.6% less water, 41.3% less carbon, and no pesticides or plastics when compared to products that use non-organic materials. The set comes in eight colors so you can have a different color every night of the week and grab another color for a friend. MATE is based in Los Angeles, California, and is committed to using non-toxic, natural, and organic materials. Their supply chain is localized within ten square miles to help reduce their carbon footprint. They even offer some of their clothes up to size 3XL.


colorful socks hanged to dry

Socks by Conscious Step 

Don’t forget about a pair of sustainable socks to keep those tootsies warm and cozy! The stylish socks made by Conscious Step are cute, super soft, and comfortable. They’re also certified organic, fair trade, and vegan. The organic cotton used to make the socks is produced in India, non-GMO, and free of herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides. Every purchase goes towards a charitable cause. For example, buy a pair of socks with lions on them and you’re helping to save African lions. Buy a pair with an ocean wave pattern and you’re helping to protect our oceans. Other socks might support mental health, provide books to the needy, or help find a cure for a disease.

Whatever ethical sleepwear you choose, we just want you to feel your absolute best while doing what you can to support Mother Nature. Opting for ethical sleepwear makes it easy for you because now you don’t have to sacrifice quality for eco-friendly clothing options. This sleepwear also makes a great gift for your friends and family that care about preserving our world for future generations. Get on the bandwagon and help make eco-friendly clothing the norm!

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