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Fashionnova black thigh high over the knee boots

Before I proceed to "Fashionnova black thigh high over the knee boots", I feel compelled to state:

I am aware of what is going on in the world. I acknowledge that there is privilege in being able to be safe in my home playing with clothes and cosmetics while there are people facing unimaginable terror in other parts of the world. Fashion and style are not important. Beauty is not important. That there is war being waged and lives being lost anywhere in the world is important. Those of us who are fortunate to be apart from the situation, at this time, have little choice but to continue on.  Making videos of myself strutting around my living room modeling outfits, promoting my music, writing trivial blog posts about clothes and shoes does not equate with lack of care and concern about the world. I am just doing what I have to do in an effort to maintain my livelihood and to pursue some little joy in my daily life. Because life goes on. The bills still keep coming and the bill collectors do not accept as a reason for not being able to pay my debts that I could not work due to stress and unhappiness over the tragedies that plague the world. Aside from that, I think that going on living and trying to create joy in your life is not just okay, it is a more effective way to help change the world. It might seem simplistic to suggest in light of reality, but in the end, perhaps by virtue of each of us being more at peace and filled with love and joy inside our own self, we can become kinder individual human beings who are spreading seeds of love and joy and peace such that, maybe there can come a day when there are no more of the kind of people alive who are so lacking in peace and love and joy inside their own self that they must wreck havoc and terrorize others, wage wars and kill.

Boots: Black thigh high boots Fashionnova Sweetest Around Over The Knee Boots

Dress: Fashionova mock neck black ‘Feelin it’ midi dress

One of the customer reviews for the featured black thigh high boots Fashionnova Sweetest Around Over The Knee Boots referenced Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. So, I’m guessing that these are boots that say streetwalker to some people. To me they are just a pair of black thigh high boots fashionnova sells that I purchased to wear with the black faux leather romper featured in this post. But then I decided that the red thigh boots featured in the same post made for a more interesting contrast.

black thigh high boots fashionnova over the knee bow detail stilettosAdelamonica Fashionnova black thigh high over the knee boots bow detail

If you are looking for a cheap pair of black thigh high over the knees stilettos with bow detail in the back, these are worth checking out. Just keep in mind that they do look cheap, and they are not exactly comfortable to walk in, at least I haven’t found them to be comfortable. But I might not be the best person to speak on that considering I am not a high heels person generally. Like I said in a previous post, I can walk in them when I’m at home pretending to strut down the runway. I would never be able to walk in them out in public. It would be comical. But if you are someone who can handle high heels with no trouble, the heels on these are a mere 4 1/2 inches. So you should be able to manage them, but, like somebody else mentioned in a separate review, they are a bit slippery. You can lose your footing.

black thigh high boots fashionnova over the knee stilettos

By the way, I recently realized that I’ve been misspelling Fashionnova, leaving off one of the “n’s”. Wish someone had pointed that out to me. But whatever.  Hopefully I can remember from now on that there are two ns in Fashionnova.

About the Dress…

Fashionova mock neck black ‘Feelin it’ midi dress

It is a $12 dress that I purchased from Fashionnova last year. It’s cheap, but it serves it’s purpose. The look I was going for, belting the dress with a gold chain, didn’t come out as I envisioned thanks to a heavily bloated gut. But the dress is serviceable for costing only $12. (Shop black mock neck midi dresses on Amazon **affiliate link). Naturally, everybody is different and tastes differ. Not everyone would choose to wear thigh high boots with the dress. Or maybe they might wear thigh high boots but of all the black thigh high boots Fashionnova has in their collection, these would not be the pair chosen. After all, like that one customer suggested, they have Vivian from ‘Pretty Woman’ vibes. I can see wearing stiletto booties or pumps or some strappy sandals. Or, considering the price of the dress, it’s likely not intended for dressing up to go out someplace requiring fancy footwear. So maybe a pair of canvas sneakers would go perfectly.

Here’s a little ‘just for fun’ video showcasing the look (mostly featuring the boots).

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