Fashionnova nude thigh high over the knee boots


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Fashionnova Public Figure Over The Knee Boots – Nude

Fashionnova Thinking of You Romper beige

Who knew I had a thing for thigh high over the knee boots? These are the fourth pair I’ve purchased in recent months, starting with the red Jlo boots featured in the post “Red Thigh High Stiletto Boots“. I have another pair arriving soon.

Fashionnova thinking of you beige romper public figure over the knee boots by adelamonica

(To those of you who have heard me complain of having no money who might be wondering if I have no money how I’m able to be buying clothes, it’s all thanks to AfterPay allowing me to pay for my purchases in 4 payments, and also thanks to Fashionnova being affordable.)

Note to the wise, you need to be very careful not to create a situation where you make too many afterpay purchases all at once and you end up having payments from 3 different orders fall on the same date. You can run into trouble if, like me, $60 can be hard to come by.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about these two items I purchased from Fashionnova. The Public Figure Over The Knee Boots in nude and the Thinking of You romper in beige.

Fashionnova Public Figure Over The Knee Boots – Nude

Fashionnova public enemy over the knee thigh high bootsI’d rate these boots as just okay. I’m not in love with them; but I don’t hate them. They are extremely snug fitting (not a good thing). And I have very narrow ankles and fairly small calves. Yes, I’ve gained about 10 pounds since December 2021, but it’s in my arms, butt and upper thighs. My ankles and calves are the same size so the boot fit around the ankles and calves is a function of the style of the boots. The ankle and calf part of these boots almost fit like a glove.

Fashionnova public enemy over the knee thigh high bootsZipping them took a little effort. The boots aren’t all that comfortable to walk in and they strained my feet so that when I took them off it took some time for my feet to recover from walking in them.

Fashionnova public enemy over the knee thigh high bootsThe platform didn’t really make them much easier to walk in than boots without a platform. They scuff easily.

Fashionnova Thinking of You Romper beige

Fashionnova thinking of you beige romper worn by adelamonica

I wasn’t in love with this item either. For the purpose of pretend modeling for photos and video, it is ill-fitting. Posing is challenging if you want to avoid offending people by showing them your undies or your butt cheeks or even your more private area. The material is 94% polyester with 6% spandex. It is a rough texture and does not keep you particularly cool out in the sun.

Overall this was not such a great outfit I found. I went for a natural hair look with a hair piece in the back. I had to change the piece at some point so if you’re eagle eyed and notice that my hair looks different in the back in the middle image from the two side images, that would be the reason.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to check out my music. I have two new releases out so far in 2022. Visit or look on your right in this sidebar to preview some of my songs.

Here’s a little video I put together for this post.

Singer songwriter Adelamonica AKA Avenue Sixty editor in chief. Writing as Monica for The Monica Life. Kindly excuse my lack of worldliness and any instances where I demonstrate lack of tact or lack of knowledge and even lack of basic intelligence. I truly don't really know much about anything. But I love to write and this blog provides me with an avenue via which to express myself through writing while sharing other things I love. I hope you will find something even remotely useful or interesting in the things I share.


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