Yeah, I know you’re better than me


We’ve all got at least one person in our life who needs to feel like they’re better than everybody. Some of us have many more than one person. And sometimes all you can do is just roll your eyes and tell them, “Yeah, I know you’re better than me”. Because you’re never going to convince them that you don’t care how many Valentino bags and Gucci shoes and what not they have in their closet by comparison to your none. Some people will go to their grave believing that material possessions are the measure of a person’s worth.

Our editor in chief Adela aka Monica continues to try to build her career as a singer songwriter under the artist name “Adelamonica” Her song “Yeah I Know You’re Better Than Me” was reviewed by music listeners like you. Some called her voice the most obnoxious and irritating thing they have heard in their entire lives. Others loved her sound and loved the song. That’s life right? You’ll win some and you’ll lose some. Adela/Monica isn’t letting the negative reviews stop her from doing what makes her happy.

“Yeah I Know You’re Better Than Me” is a fast fun song that’s great for dance and aerobic exercising. It is one of several fast fun songs on Adelamonica’s debut album “Delusions of Grandeur” released March 15 2019. Find it on iTunes, Amazon Music, CD Baby, Spotify and most other popular streaming services.


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Hello, I'm Adela Lewis aka singer songwriter Adelamonica. I am the founder, creative director, editor in chief and main writer for First let me say, I myself cringe at some of the things I've written on this blog. It is completely embarrassing to realize how miserably I've been failing to hide the fact that I lack sophistication, and often times lack enlightenment. I wish I had never written half the things I've written on here, but I did write them. To be clear, I am just a regular person who enjoys writing. I refer to myself as "editor in chief" and "creative director" because, owning the blog as I do and being the one who creates and edits the content (except for content submitted by guest contributors), I feel that I have the freedom to do so. But I am not an editor and there is currently no staff that I oversee. Via this blog, I am contributing my personal thoughts and ideas and beliefs to everyday topics of discussion--at times topics on which I am not particularly well informed, but about which I might still have a point of view--much like most other people on the planet . The things I write should be regarded in the light of diary/journal style and essay style writings, reviews and reports exploring the topics I attempt to discuss. Please recognize that I have no academic or other professional qualifications and I do not represent my points of view as carrying any weight or having anything of significant value to contribute to serious discussions held by qualified persons on any topic featured. I apologize in advance for any errors major or minor that I make in my writing (I have made some embarrassing errors), anything I write that can be perceived as an offense or that is otherwise insensitive or needlessly critical and disparaging of any person.


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