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Best Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids

If you have kids, you know how hard it is to keep them calm and quiet. They’re always looking for some ways to be entertained. You may find it hard to think of activities that would keep your kids entertained for a while. Don’t worry, though, there is a lot of different options that you could suggest to your kids. With these amazing ideas, your kids will be having fun throughout the whole summer, regardless of where they are. This is great news, not only for them but for you too, since you’ll be able to enjoy your days more when you see how happy they are. 

Active games

If you want your kids to not sit still and move around for a while, you can get them to play some of the more active games. For instance, they could spend a summer afternoon playing balloon volleyball. This is a perfect game for you if you have a backyard. All you need to do is set up a court in there. You can do that easily by using a jump rope or any other rope. Once you divide the yard in two, you should just get a balloon for a ball and let the kids play. You can even join them and make sure to get first to 21 and win!

Another great sport-related idea is to create a mini-golf course. The best thing about this is that you probably already have everything you need stored somewhere in the garage. Namely, with some pool noodles, ropes, and cardboard boxes, you can arrange everything for an original course and use this as a perfect opportunity to bond with your kids. 

Water Fun 

Nothing is better on a hot summer day than some activity including water. If you’re looking for a fun way to help your kids cool down and have fun, you can do that easily with a water hose only. Namely, you can use the stream from the hose as the stick and play some aqua limbo. Any kind of interesting water play activity is great for your kids. A splash park is another great idea that will keep your kids laughing the whole day long. 

If you have some water guns and balloons, you can make a whole warzone in your backyard. Playing water war during a hot day is simply perfect if you don’t have a pool. Water balloon dodge ball is also pretty good just make sure to remind the kids not to aim at each other’s faces! 

Art Projects 

If you don’t want the kids to just develop their motor skills, but you also want them to get a bit creative and artsy, you should go for a different kind of activity. Anything that includes painting is a pretty good idea for these purposes. For instance, body painting is a great outdoor activity that will keep the kids entertained and happy. Get some washable tempera paint and let the kids go wild with it. Another great idea is to dip a flower into the paint and use it as a paintbrush. 

You can also get the kids to record their days and make a photography journal out of their memories. You can even sell some of their art and give it to charity. For instance, you can set up a stand and include the neighbourhood kids as well into this. Once they sell all their unique artworks, they could also learn what empathy means and how amazing it is to help others. 

Back to Nature 

Finally, if you want the kids to spend more time outside to connect with nature more, you can build a birdhouse with them. This will keep them busy for a while and they will also develop some skills and learn a lot about their surroundings. You can also camp in your backyard next to a fire for roasting hot dogs and melting marshmallows!

If they’re really into nature, why not organize a bug hunt with your kids? With a clipboard, a piece of paper, a marker, a magnifying glass, and a plastic jar, you’ll have everything you need for this adventure. If your kids like stars, you can simply spread out a blanket in your backyard and learn together about constellations while stargazing with your kids. 


Whether you’re looking for activities for a whole family or just the kids, you’re in the right place. These simple games are so easy to organize, but they will bring much joy into your kids’ lives.

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