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5 Hottest Trends in Girlfriend Getaways This Holiday Season

Girl getaways can be a perfect way to reconnect with your friends and shed the majority of your daily worries in some of the world’s greatest destinations. But how do you decide where to go and what to do when there’s more than two of you? The key word is the compromise; but if you choose one of these 5 activities, you’ll have a great chance to make everyone happy. From chef master classes to meditation retreats, these are the ultimate girl vacations to strengthen the bonds between your friends and get the adventure of a lifetime.

Culinary Master Classes in Italy

Cooking TV shows being one of the most popular entertainment content on the television, it’s no wonder chefs have a celebrity status. They have millions of followers on their social media accounts and whatever they do besides their shows – cookbooks, cooking classes – is always sold out. So if you know of an upcoming destination culinary classes, why not participate with your girlfriends? It will be an excellent opportunity to update your culinary CV with new skills, as well as experience a new destination together with your girl squad. Even if it’s not a celeb class, you can still get amazing classes catered to your needs in the whole of Italy. You’ll learn how to make the best homemade pasta sauce, or even your own homemade pasta! If you’re interested in the pairing of food and wine, there are courses for that throughout Tuscany. Basically, every region of Italy has its own signature cuisine, and you will learn to make it like a local. Even best, you’ll get to enjoy the food once you’ve finished!

Sign Up for a Marathon in New York

If you followed Sex and the City with your girlfriends and jokingly fought over who of you is Carrie, maybe there’s no better vacation than several days in the Big Apple. But if, at the same time, you take care of your body and like giving it a new challenge every now and then, why not signing up for a marathon, or a half-marathon race? If you do it together with your girlfriends, you will have to think about the upcoming trip several times a week for months – talk about the tension build up! Signing up for a race together is a great way to challenge yourselves and each other, nurture competitiveness but also team spirit, and offer your body ultimate care. Signing up for a race somewhere exciting will give you the opportunity to have a glamorous rest with your crew post-race, enjoying countless bagels and browsing the bustling streets of the metropolis. Talk about a perfect visit to the city that never sleeps!

Experience Spiritual Awakening in Bali

If you’ve been dreaming about going to a tropical paradise with your girlfriends, there’s probably no better place than Bali. But you’ll get to experience much more than just partying (though you can have that too). This little Indonesian gem will offer you the ultimate relaxation, the one you’ve been waiting for years, even if you had no idea about it. For the spiritual experience everyone’s been raving about, rent one of the gorgeous villas in Bali for your girls and yourself and sign up for a meditation retreat. You will do yoga, meditate and learn to listen to your voice that you are often suppressing in favor of all the other voices around you. Doing it in a group of close friends will bring you together more than ever; and if you ever feel dizzy, just jump in your private pool or head to the magnificent beach!

Go Urban Rooftop Glamping in Australia

Camping, as we know, is not for everyone – but glamping? Hello, luxurious tents! If you’re not sure that your friends would enjoy being in the middle of nowhere in a desert, but you’d like to experience glamping, here’s a solution that will make everyone happy and as such can be a dictionary example of the word compromise. Glamping has moved from the great outdoors to an urban setting in Melbourne, Australia, where you can set up your glamorous tent on the rooftop of St. Jerome’s The Hotel. So yes to glamorous camping and seeing the Southern Sky, and yes to exploring the hip Australian city and partying on the rooftop!

Board a Luxury Train in Ireland

Means of transport have become just a necessary evil – we pick those that will transport us the fastest and the easiest so we could finally relax at our destination. Does it have to be like that, though? If you and your squad are feeling adventurous, pack your bags and board the Belmond Grand Hibernian Train to enjoy wonderful Ireland while actually traveling through it by train. The Emerald Isle will have you fall in love with it, while the days spent on the train will strengthen the bonds with your girls. Bonus: the stops are just as adventurous as the trip itself!

Whatever you decide for, we can only wish a lifelong memory making with some of your best friends! Enjoy your trip!


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