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Work your body series one minute exercise waist trimming booty shaking belly dance

Exercise doesn’t have to be tedious and painful to yield results. If you’re trying to trim your waist, shaking your booty rapidly for a full minute several times per day can help you trim off some of the excess fat around your middle while simultaneously elevating your mood. As demonstrated in the accompanying video, it doesn’t really matter how good you are or not at booty shaking, or belly dancing, or shaking your hips. The point isn’t to be good at it. The point is just to do it and get your waist moving while having a little fun.

Work your body series one minute exercise waist trimming booty shaking belly dance

You might be surprised that there are people who disapprove of a female dancing by shaking her booty. It offends some people’s senses. They consider it an inappropriate style of dancing. And there are females who would never attempt any type of dancing that moves the body in a motion that could be seen as sexual. Some people, including other females, will even go so far to place unflattering labels on women who engage in booty shaking types of dancing–especially the types of dances generally done to hip hop and rap. But we won’t get into all of that in this post.

The one minute waist trimming booty shaking belly dance style workout is not about sex and/or being sexy, although, if you feel like putting on a cute little sequin tassle skirt and a crop top, go for it. Have fun! You’ve only got one life to live.

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On a personal note: I’m doing the waist trimming booty shaking belly dance every morning to try to combat the extra fat I’ve put on around my waist line and love handle areas of the back. I plan to do it everyday. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s fun. I get dressed up for it in the mornings and plan to film some of my sessions to share, but sometimes I just do it in the bathroom on my way to the shower or bath.

Work your body series one minute exercise waist trimming booty shaking belly dance

Waist-shaking booty shaking hurts nobody and definitely works as a way to trim the waist line(at least it does for me) and melting the fat. Of course, it will not melt away the fat over night. And you’ll want to do more than 1 minute of it or any other kind of exercise to see real results in a reasonable amount of time.


Adelamonica 1 minute booty shaking waist trimming exercise Watch Me While I Cha Cha

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