I recently came across the Instagram page of a girl with a body to put Kim Kardashian to shame. She’s ridiculously fit with jaw-dropping curves. She’s a fitness coach who claims that it’s possible for anyone to get a body like hers. I’m going to assume that by anyone she means anyone under the age of 35. Although, I do know it’s possible for women over 35 to transform their bodies via weight training, but I imagine it’s got to be a lot harder for them to do than it is for a 21 year old. I’m definitely inspired though. Not that I have a problem with my body as it is; but if I can make it more shapely why not try?

black skirt with black bodysuit 2 bw

So I’ve been trying to do some of the exercises I see her doing. They’re supposed to make you more curvy by shrinking your waist and giving you a shapelier behind and shapelier thighs. I don’t necessarily need her killer curves. What am I going to do with curves like a Kardashian at this stage in the game? Even the rich 90 year old guys want girls under 30, so it’s not like I’ll be able to use my wicked curves to snag an 80-year old billionaire. And I don’t have the kind of money and fame that’s needed to go out in hot pursuit of cougar bait. My name is not Jennifer Lopez. So I’ll pass on the killer curves and just aim to tighten everything up a bit and maybe take an inch or two off my waistline.

I’ll be satisfied with a slightly curvier figure. I don’t need to have curves like the Kardashian women or like the girl from Instagram that I’m talking about. Although, maybe if I’d had curves like that I’d own a pair or two of Louboutin pumps by now. Definitely seems like girls with curves don’t have any trouble whatsoever making the kind of money to afford to stack their closet shelves with designer shoes.


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