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3 Advantages of Having an Outdoor Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, there are so many important decisions to make. From the attire to the favors to the cake, you want every detail to be as perfect as possible. Are you considering an outdoor venue? Check out these advantages of having an outdoor wedding to see if it’s the right choice for your big day.

Plenty of Space

If you’re inviting a lot of people to your wedding, it can be difficult to find an indoor space that can comfortably accommodate a big group. Hence, one of the advantages of having an outdoor wedding is the ability to have space for everyone on your guest list. Without capacity constraints, you can design your ceremony and reception areas as you please.

Plus, guests will love being able to wander the grounds of your event and not feel confined to only a certain room. If you’ve ever been to a large indoor wedding, you know the tables are often cramped. When you set up your reception outside, you can provide a generous amount of space between each chair so that everyone feels comfortable.

Natural Decor

When you plan an outdoor wedding, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on decorations. Instead, you can let the natural beauty of the area speak for itself. The opportunity to save money on costly decor elements allows you to spend more in other areas, such as an open bar or a live band. When choosing your outdoor venue, pay close attention to the flowers and foliage to determine whether the ambience speaks to you. You can also ask the events coordinator to provide photos from previous weddings to see how other couples used the space.

Although an outdoor venue has built-in decor, you may need to outsource other amenities, such as tables, chairs, and bathroom facilities. Renting a restroom trailer for your outdoor wedding is a great way to ensure the cleanliness is up to your standards and you have enough space to accommodate your guests.

Beautiful Lighting

Something you may not have considered is the beautiful lighting an outdoor venue provides. Photographs are among the most important parts of your wedding day, so the natural light will ensure you look your best from all angles. Plus, if you schedule your ceremony around the golden hour, the last hour of sunlight of the day, your photographer will be able to capture stunning, warm images.

Plus, if you have the right photographer, there are several options for incredible night photos. If you host your reception under the twinkling stars, you’ll be able to maximize the unique angles and lighting. The beauty of the outdoors will help you create photographs that will become instant family heirlooms.

An outdoor wedding is the perfect way to showcase the love you and your partner share. With stunning lighting, decor, and increased space, you can easily see why so many couples choose to exchange vows in a natural setting. On your big day, don’t forget to take a moment to fully embrace the love and support surrounding you.


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