Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Accessorizing the red suede over the knee thigh high DSW JLO boots

My DSW JLO Jennifer Lopez red suede boots are about ready to become unwearable. They are beginning to sag and droop. So, I thought I would try one last look with them before I retire them. What I really wanted to do was an all white outfit post but I couldn’t risk increasing my AfterPay balance. I need to get that paid off before I make any new purchases. I was eyeing a pair of Steve Madden white faux leather thigh high over the knee boots. Hopefully by the time I pay off the balance there will still be a pair available.

So I got all dressed up yesterday and filmed some footage of myself strutting around out front. Well, I guess I should not say that I got all dressed up. Because my outfit hardly classifies as dressing up. Everything is old and really should’ve been thrown out by now. But you know how it is. Or maybe you don’t.

Since I could not afford to get the Steve Madden boots. I decided to do another post with the red suede boots. Because they have lost their luster, I had to accessorize them to try to make them look a little more alive. The gold chain accessories are a couple of necklaces wrapped around the ankles of the boots.

I personally think the chains gave the boots new life. So that, to me, is one way a dying pair of faux suede thigh high over the knee boots could be rejuvenated— by adding some accessories. I even tried wrapping a satin sash around the whole leg. I thought that was looking interesting as well. Maybe if I can find some better satin than what I was using I might even do a third look with these boots just to illustrate some ways that you could breathe new life into a dying pair of suede thigh high over the knee boots.

Some footage of me having a little pretend modeling fun with the boots

If I’ve never said before, I’m not a fashionista. I’m not trying to influence anyone’s style sense. I just don’t have the closet for that. What I am is just a person and I cannot go out my house without clothes on. Everybody’s got to wear clothes. Not everybody is into clothes. But whether you’re into clothes or not you have to wear clothes and you have to choose clothes to wear.  I enjoy putting on clothes and taking pictures and making videos and just having a little fun with my life. It activates joy inside to play dress up the 21st century big girl way. Not everything that I put on is going to be something that everybody’s going to be loving. And sometimes I’m going to put on things that are just obviously ready to be put in the trash bin. I think the skirt I’m wearing is trash bin ready. I’ve had it for several years and, like the boots, it has lost its luster.

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