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Beach Babe Trends On and Off the Sand

The days are growing longer and the weather’s getting hotter. You know what that means—summer is just around the corner! While versatile spring styles are all about the glam, summer fashion focuses on simply staying cool, despite the heat. Of course, that doesn’t make it any easier to decide what to wear. Thankfully, some of the best summer trends can be found in the go-to styles of beach babes everywhere. If you’re looking for warm weather looks you can wear all season long, read on for beachy trends you can rock during a day on the sand and a hot summer night on the town.

Double Duty Swimwear

Finally designers recognize that good swimwear isn’t limited to a day on the sand, so double duty swimwear should take center stage this summer. As you seek out this year’s swimsuit, buy one that can easily transition from lounging in the sun to a casual dinner with the girls. Cute one pieces with bright patterns can easily be worn as a bodysuit on a warm summer day. Classic string bikinis can take the place of a bra under your favorite pair of overalls. By choosing stylish swimsuits with fashionable details, you can easily elevate your summer style and double your options for warm-weather ensembles.

Large Sun Hats

Fashion hats for women are all the rage nowadays. And why wouldn’t they be? Toss them on, add a trendy dose of style to any ensemble, and effortlessly hide any bad hair days. As every beach babe knows, they should be a staple in your summer wardrobe. While most hats can add a little flair to your look, large sun hats are the ultimate choice for trendy summer fashion. They protect you from all those harmful sun rays, but they also look ultra-chic on and off the beach. Wear them with your favorite summer outfit, and you’ll look like you truly belong on the sand.

Comfortable Sundresses

Sundresses are always a go-to summer style. These lightweight, loose-fitting numbers are perfect for hot summer days. More than that, however, they’re also the ideal easy-breezy beach cover-up. Paired with your favorite swimsuit, these dresses create a fashionable ensemble for your journey to and from the beach. Once you’re ready to lounge and tan, you can slip right out of your charming frock and settle in on the sand. Plus, you can create all kinds of styles. A loose-fitting maxi dress paired with sandals results in an ultra-comfortable ensemble, while a buttoned shirt dress produces a more put-together look. Either way, you can never go wrong with a few trusty sundresses in your summer capsule wardrobe.

Loose Bottoms

True beachy style is all about laid-back, mellow vibes. Tight pants and form-fitting shorts are always an option, but they’ll likely be quite uncomfortable if you want to transition from the beach to the street with as little effort as possible. Instead, opt for loose-fitting bottoms that comfortably pair with your double duty swimwear. Fabric boutique shorts are currently the height of summer fashion, as are loose, wide leg pants. Not only are they easy to slide on and off when you’re ready to lounge in the sand, they also create ultra-trendy looks. Pair them with sandals if you plan on being on your feet all day, or match them with wedges or heels for a more upscale look. Either way, you’re guaranteed to look like the queen of the beach.

Flowy Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are the thing to buy this year. Much like sundresses, they’re just so easy to wear. Unlike sundresses, however, they can truly take advantage of your double duty swimwear. These calf-length skirts flatter almost every shape, making them a no-brainer buy. Elevate your summer fashion with a high-waisted midi skirt in a pattern you love. Then, pair it with your favorite bikini top or one piece suit. With a combo like that, you’ll look like the perfect beach babe. And no one has to know that your outfit took almost no effort.

Most importantly, capturing a beach babe style centers around your vibe. Channel your inner California girl and let all your worries melt away as you soak in all those sun rays. Pair that cool girl attitude with any of these trendy fashion choices, and you’re sure to shine this summer, both on and off the sand.

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