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A few years ago we did a feature about a fashion blogger named Konstantina Tzagaraki. She was a rising star in fashion blogging who disappeared from the Internet in 2015. If you were a fan, you know that many people have been wondering what happened to her, and many still are. Her disappearance was abrupt and all her social media accounts have remained frozen in time. Some speculate that she simply chose to leave the virtual world behind while others suspect she may have passed away. We do not know what happened to Konstantina. We hope that she is alive and well. Konstantina had a website where she also shared her fashion photos with insightful prose. We’re certain she would have become an enormous fashion icon by this point. She had amazing style. You can find the evidence on her abandoned Instagram and Lookbook pages.


Konstantina showcased this look in a post titled “Sun Can Solve Anything” published on her blog on July 20th 2014. In the blog post she wrote the following:

It’s one if these that you are not feeling well..

There is not a particular reason but your mood is down..

This is actually how i felt today..

But then something magical occured..

I sat down to take my pics and while posing i suddenly felt it..

The sun..

It is hard to be angry when one has seen the sun rise..

Because it makes one feel so small and insignificant..

It has been rising forever and will rise forever no matter what we do or do not do..

All our problems are as nothing to the sun..

Konstantina was a well liked fashion blogger who was growing a sizeable following on her social accounts. She was one of those women you wanted to know, not just because she was pretty and stylish, but because she was clearly a very nice person. She was kind enough to grant us permission do a spotlight feature about her in our September 6th 2014 post titled Spotlight On: Konstantina Tzagaraki

To any friend or family of Konstantina, or to Konstantina herself if she happens to see this or any of the other posts we will share in our tribute archive, we are creating this archive because we believe that Konstantina’s style and her words should not be lost in the Internet archives or known only to those who were following her before she disappeared.

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Avenue Sixty Writing Staff
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