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Why is it news when a woman goes braless?

We’re so over seeing headlines about famous women’s choice to go out braless!

Is it 2015 or 1815? Hello!!!

Who cares if Miley Cyrus chose not to wear a brassiere to go out for frozen yogurt with her mother?

Why is it news?

How is it anybody’s business what Miley Cyrus or Rihanna or any other woman, famous or not famous, chooses to do as far as wearing a bra or not wearing a bra when she goes out in public?

Are we really believing that it somehow reflects badly on a woman to go out in public without putting on a bra? But it does not reflect on us for noticing that a woman is not wearing a bra? Why are we looking at these women’s chests? Why are we processing a thought about their bra-wearing or bra-less state?

Is there a social rule that states that a woman must never go out in public without a bra on? If there is such a rule who came up with it and why? What were the reasons they gave for coming to this conclusion? We’d sure love to hear the arguments that were made for why a woman should never go out in public without wearing a bra.

This thing people have with breasts…

We’ll excuse you for noticing Nicky Hilton’s exposed derriere the other day. It was a bit much. Although, the same argument still applies. It’s Nicky’s body and there’s no law against not wearing panties under a short dress that has sheer fabric so near the derriere that your butt gets exposed when you’re climbing up steps. And as long as she’s not breaking any law, you can be disgusted by seeing her butt cheeks; but she doesn’t have to change the way she dresses to make you comfortable.

As far as women not wearing bras under their clothes, it’s a non-issue. And the fact that it gets written up in articles, even if the articles are being written on tabloid blogs, is utterly and completely ridiculous. That a woman isn’t wearing a bra shouldn’t make headline news. Think about it? Consider the implications.

The only comment that should ever accompany these types of headlines is a simple but very loudly asked question “Why is it news?”

Demand an explanation from the publications that print these articles. Make them explain why they feel the need to point out that a woman isn’t wearing a bra. Or if you see things their way, help us to understand why these women should get fingers pointed at them for not wearing a bra. Convince us why going out in public bra-less is socially unacceptable.

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