It looks like the Kylie Jenner website ( #theklyiejenner) has been launched.

But in order to enter the #kyliejenner world you are going to have to cough up some cash. Okay, so it’s only $2.99 per month (at least that’s the introductory rate); but still…

We like Kylie and we wish her all the success in the world. And we totally understand why she would want to give access only to people who are willing to pay for it. Why should she give free access to her personal space to anyone and everyone who wants it? You might want to welcome your friends for free; but if you just open the door and put an enter sign on it, your enemies will come in to look for stuff they can use to tear you down. Would you open your front door and invite people into your space who are only there to tear you down? Then there’s the point that clearly this is a business venture for Kylie. She’s a brand and this is another avenue via which to generate revenue. And what’s wrong with that?

So we say good for Kylie; but as far as us paying $2.99 per month to keep track of her day to day activities and get in on her style and beauty tips, well, we’re going to have to say no for now. We need that money more than Kylie does.

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Would you pay money to access the Kylie Jenner Website?

In all fairness to Kylie she’s obviously trying to offer people something for their money. It’s not like she has a website that’s just another Instagram type thing where she’s charging people money to come and look at pictures. She’s engaging with her audience more personally. She’s giving them suggestions for how they can get her looks for less. Like the look she wore to the Opening Ceremony NYFW show last week.

kylie jenner opening ceremony dress dior boots
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Kylie adds a personal touch with her signature and details about the outfit in addition to suggestions for how to cop her style.

Just her style tips and beauty tips alone will no doubt make the $2.99 per month worth it for some of her millions of fans. Of course you can get beauty tips and style tips for free all over the Internet. But many of Kylie’s fans will probably prefer to get their beauty and style tips from her. And in this voyeuristic society in which we live, the ability to get a more up-close and personal view of Kylie and her fun exciting life will no doubt seal the deal for them. We’d be very surprised if this website does not turn into a very lucrative venture for Kylie.

But should you pay money to access the Kylie Jenner Website?

Yes, we know, it’s just $36 per year (for the introductory rate). And like we just finished saying, Kylie is aiming to give her subscribers something for their money. And most of us throw away way more than $3 per month on stupid things. You probably chew more than $3 per month worth of gum or eat more than $3 per month of candy every month. Maybe. If you chew gum or eat candy. Play the lottery? Well, you know, your monthly lottery expense is probably more than $3. And you get nothing for that money. Unless you’re lucky enough to win the lottery. So what’s the big deal Kylie’s $2.99 per month? It’s nothing.

But here’s the thing for us. Kylie Jenner is already a multi-millionaire. Girlfriend bought her first million dollar home before she was even 18 years old. She can go out right this minute and pick up 100 new pairs of Louboutin heels and not put a dent in her bank balance . A single pair of Louboutin heels is still something we can only wish we were able to afford. We think twice about a $36 purchase. Seriously! It’s that pathtetic. So before we give Kylie $36 more dollars to add to her multi-million dollar bank account, we might as well start a savings account and put the $2.99 per month into that. Maybe in a few years we’ll amass enough to buy a pair of Louboutin heels. In the meantime, we wish Kylie the best, although she doesn’t need our good wishes. She obviously knows how to get what she wants.

What can we say? If we looked like that we’d probably have at least a couple pairs of Louboutin heels in our closet…

Check out Kylie’s website at

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