You won’t #win that 1.3 billlion #powerball #lottery jackpot

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The powerball lottery jackpot is 1.3 billion

It’s fun to imagine all the #Chanel bags and #Louboutin heels you will be able to purchase when you win that unprecedented 1.3 billion dollar #powerball #lottery #jackpot.

But before you run out and risk $100 of your money in the hope that you will go down in history as the #lotterywinner who won the biggest ever powerball lottery jackpot, think about this: A billionaire  (like #DonaldTrump for example), can afford to purchase all the possible number combinations and trade in 292 measly million dollars for 1.3 billion.

Effed up isn’t it? But that’s what the lottery is all about. That’s why they made it harder to win a powerball lottery jackpot when they realized that lottery ticket sales were declining. They knew that enormous jackpots would bring out people in enormous numbers, many of whom can spend enormous dollars. So they can still make up for the declining ticket sales in a major way.

Maybe they have systems in place to ensure that no single person can purchase all 292 million number combinations. Who knows? But if there’s no such system in place, why wouldn’t a smart billionaire buy all 292 million combinations? What’s 292 million dollars to spend to gain 1.3 billion?

Granted, the winner will not actually get 1.3 billion; but they will still get back at least half a billion + the 292 million they spent. It’s still the most effortless way to increase their net worth by at least half a billion dollars.

So don’t bother dreaming that you’ll win the big powerball lottery jackpot and be able to buy your dream home and any number of Chanel bags and Louboutin heels your heart desires.

powerball lottery jackpot will you buy Madison Avenue Couture Chanel Turquoise Quilted Patent Jumbo Classic Double Flap Bag if you win

The powerball lottery and all other lotteries are designed to take your money. These games aren’t about giving you money. We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t play? We’ve played our fair share of lottery games over the years. We could probably afford a few pairs of Louboutin heels with the amount of money we’ve spent on lottery tickets over the years. By contrast we couldn’t afford a pair of shoes from Payless with the amount we’ve won.

So we’re not going to waste two dollars trying to win this 1.3 billion dollar jackpot. It would be the height of stupidity. Because if there’s no system in place to prevent a rich person from purchasing all the possible combinations, why wouldn’t a rich person do just that? We’re not talking about 300 million dollars here. We’re talking 1.3 billion. For that amount even billionaires who would otherwise look down on the lottery and lottery players will come out of the woodwork. Why wouldn’t they? All they have to do is look at is as a smart business move as a opposed to the act of stupidity that it is for everyone else.

If you still play, good luck. And we won’t say no if you want to buy us a pair of Louboutin heels and a Chanel bag!


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